Red Wine For A Better Life

Red Wine For A Better Life

Plato said it best, “Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was ever granted by the gods to man”.

Recently red wine has been getting mass amounts of press for its health-promoting qualities and is even being credited with the French paradox. What’s the French paradox, you ask? Well, it’s the term used to describe the well known fact that the French have far less occurrences of heart disease than us North Americans, despite the fact that they consume far more high fat foods.

However, if you subscribe to the belief that fat alone is responsible for heart disease, then yes, it would appear very much like a paradox; but the “fat causes heart disease” debate is woefully out of date.

For years people have believed that the French could get away with such unhealthy fare due in large part to the liberal amounts of heart healthy red wine they consume, which is scientifically-proven to contain many compounds that support and protect our heart health.

This, however, is not the forum to go into depth about the French paradox, but it IS the place to go into the heart healthy, life extending compounds that are in nice glass of red grapes!

What makes red wine healthy?

Resveratrol in red wine is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevents heart disease, and rather recently, physicians and researchers have debated whether it should be formed into a supplement. But personally I much prefer to drink my red wine antioxidants – I know most of you will agree.

Resveratrol may be one of the best anti-aging substances around. Research has shown that a wide spectrum of test subjects, from yeast cells to fruit flies, to mice and worms have seen their life span dramatically increased by minute amounts of resveratrol. And although a supplement could potentially be on the horizon, red wine is still the best way to get resveratrol into your diet.

But there is a caveat to all of this, so before you go guzzling, listen up. The relationship between alcohol and breast cancer risk is murky, yet still troubling. Some studies have found an increased risk of breast cancer in women who drink, even moderately.

At least 10 studies have shown the relationship between alcohol and breast cancer, and the consensus is that alcohol does in fact increase the risk of breast cancer in women. So stick to a 5 oz. glass a night.

With moderation in mind, I say bottoms up!

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