Raw Food Classes – be your own chef!

So here I am on a lazy Day-After-Christmas morning getting ready for 2010, pondering “hmmm…what should I make my news resolution?”.

Bam!  The idea came to me – maybe I should expand my knowledge in eating like a true raw foodist.  Yup, thats it.  Thats what I am going to do!

So I do a quick search on my trusted friend, Google…and much to my chagrin a wonderful site came up: a company called Living Light Cuisine!

I was quite surprised to find that they had Certified Raw Food chef’s around the WORLD that can teach you exactly what to do, how to do it and get you up and running.
Still looking for one that is in San Diego – but hey, I’m sure there will be!

Oh – and one little extra – I just found this site all about Starting a Raw Food Diet! TheBestofRawfood.com.  check it out.  Some cool info on there…more to come!

Thought I would share ;-)

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