Putting the Bite in the Right Wheatgrass Juicers

If you read the specifications of wheatgrass juicers, you might be confused by the term “masticating.” You might wonder exactly what that means. By definition, the term means to chew food or to grind to a pulp. The Omega 8006 is a masticating wheatgrass juicer that does more than make juice for you—it makes it really well. When you consider the benefits of a good juicer, the first thing you should look at is how well it does its main job.

Focusing on the Best

Sure, you can buy machines that are meant to make juice, yogurt and do other tasks. If you look around hard enough, you can find one that will do any number of jobs for you; but the more that a machine does, the less that it will do really well. On the other hand, a machine that only does one thing, for instance, juicing, has to do that one thing well or no one will continue to buy it. If you were told that you could have a mediocre machine that makes juices, milkshakes and crushes ice or you could have a great machine that makes phenomenal, healthy juices to improve your diet and your lifestyle, which would you really prefer? Do you really want your wheatgrass juicer to do fifteen other things?

Some people might let price be a factor here, saying that they are getting more by buying the machine that does more. But if that machine does not work as well as the better made machine that does less, did you really save any money? If you never use any of the other functions that you paid extra for, what are you saving? Sure, you might have that one-time need, but is it better to make do with something else or pay for something that you use one time during the life of the machine?

You also have to remember this: The more work that a machine is expected to do, the more working parts will be included on the machine. The more working parts, the more likely the machine is to break. Think about this: If one part breaks does that mean that the whole machine will be broken or will you still be able to use it for the other functions? In most cases, the answer to that is no. Once a machine is broken, that is it. It is broken.

Finding a good wheatgrass juicer is important, especially if you are interested in adding more fresh juices to your diet for good health. If you are pricing and comparing ready made juices, remember, you will have little control over what is added to them. Are you sure that the bottle you just bought is wheatgrass? Are you sure that it is actually fresh and still has all of its vital nutrients? What is the sense in buying and consuming something if you can make it your own way, in your own home, just seconds before you consume it? After all, how much fresher could it be?

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