Preparing For Winter Smoothies

With the onset of fall and the subsequent winter, you would think that I would be retiring my smoothie supplies until warmer days once again come around, but you would be wrong.

I love smoothies, and no matter what the temperature may be, you can always find one in my hand. Case in point: last winter during a snow storm with temperatures of -31 degrees Celsius, I was sipping a green smoothie, which solicited some sideways glances from my roommates.

But I feel that smoothies are even more crucial in the winter, when our bodies could use a little help in the immunity department, be it to fight the common cold, the flu, or to boost the winter “blahs” that plague us all at one point or  another.

What smoothies work in the winter?

I personally tend to favor a summer-like smoothie in the winter, as it reminds me of days gone by, but this pursuit can get pricey. With the price of berries, pineapple and many other summer fruits soaring during the winter months, grocery shopping for a summer smoothie in the winter can induce sticker shock. Unless of course you plan ahead!

The freezer is your smoothie’s best friend

How does one plan to enjoy fruit smoothies in winter? It’s simple really – embrace the power of freezing! I have begun freezing all of my (late) summer’s bounty for use during the dead of winter – my deep freezer is almost overflowing with berries, peaches, tomatoes, pineapple, cherries and anything I could get my hands on at the farmers market.

And I know what you’re thinking: “It’s too late Bianca, the season is drawing to a close, and the time to stockpile has passed!” To which I say, NO, it’s never too late. Plums, crab apples, peppers, tomatoes and summer squash are still delivering in spades, and many grocery stores continue to serve up delicious looking berries.

So my suggestion is to make a list, arrive at your local market early and buy, buy, buy! The farmers will love your zeal and your winter smoothies will thank you!

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