Practical Ways to Get Organized: Kitchen & Bathroom

Practical Ways to Get Organized: Kitchen & Bathroom

We’ve spent a lot of time rhapsodizing about the conceptual part of spring cleaning–have fun with it! un-pack-rat yourself!–but now it’s time to talk basics. Nitty, gritty basics, like do I need a separate bookshelf for each literary genre? (No.) And are Mason jars really as awesome as Pinterest would have me believe? (Yes.)

For the kitchen…

1. Display your cookbooks and spice jars. C’mon, those things are made to be gorgeous!

2. Put simple shelving or drawer units in your bigger, lower cabinets (like the ones under the sink) for more storage space.

3. Don’t be afraid to keep equipment out on the counter, if you want/need to use it more frequently… oh, did someone say juicer? Keep that thang out! And keep it clean. No one likes dried-up veggie pulp.

4. Keep cooking items near the stove (pots and pans). Keep dining items (plates, cups, bowls) grouped together, too. Hey–do you need all those plates? Just checking.

5. Throw away old birthday candles and cupcake liners and “fun” straws if you’re just not that type of party-thrower.

6. Keep tools like spatulas, stirring spoons, and whisks in a jug or jar on the counter, like a bouquet of kitchen utensils. Looks cute, and makes it easy to grab what you need when your over-easy egg is getting over-hard on the stove-top.

7. Keep containers and their lids in the same drawer or cabinet, but bunch the containers together and the lids separately. You’ll save more space that way than if you stored the containers with their lids already on.

For the bathroom

1. Tiny bathroom with no cabinet space? Use a hanging shoe rack–the kind that goes over the back of the door–to store toiletries and bathroom products. You can even use a plastic/waterproof hanging shoe rack in the shower, hung over the shower pole, if you’re the type of person who uses a million conditioners and scrubby things.

2. Nail spice racks to the wall to store products, makeup, or nail polish.

3. Fill a cute bucket with everything you need to clean the bathroom (a sponge, a soft rag for the mirror, a spray, a toilet cleaner) and keep it behind the toilet. Voila–now you can easily clean up quick messes.

4. Too poor to replace that moldy shower liner? Toss it into the washer on a gentle/cold cycle with a lot of soap, or hand wash.

5. Bigger bathroom? Use a small bookshelf to display extra rolls of toilet paper, products, candles, etc.

6. Combine similar products to free up shelf space. Two half-empty conditioners can be poured into one, two body scrubs can be mixed together, and so on.

7. Use mason jars (I know, I know!) to hold bath salts, Q-tips, cotton balls, bobby pins, and anything small and annoying.

photo attribute: gimbok


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