Practical Ways to Get Organized: Closet & Bedroom

Practical Ways to Get Organized: Closet & Bedroom

Aren’t hotels magical? You go away for the day and you come back to ironed sheets and clean towels. Not to mention new bottles of conditioner and maybe a chocolate on your pillow.

Keeping your bedroom neat may not be quite as luxurious as having a full hotel staff do it for you as you lounge outside on the beach, but it’s incredibly helpful when it comes to your own personal and healthy sleep cycle. Take it from me, who spent finals week in grad school sleeping on a mound of chocolate wrappers and print-outs of literary criticism. Mess = stress.

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For the closet…

1. Invest in skinny hangers. I haven’t yet, but my friends swear by them for maximizing clothing space in a tiny closet. They’re especially helpful for those living in tiny apartments, where a bulky dresser just isn’t an option.

2. Knot scarves over a towel bar for quick access.

3. Hang shower curtain hooks over your closet’s clothing pole and use for purses, briefcases, backpacks, belts, and hats.

4. Divided drawers or see-through containers are a must if you have a lot of craft/art/gift-wrapping supplies and you need easy access.

5. Color-code and group, group, group. This applies to everything from gardening supplies to cashmere sweaters.

6. Don’t just keep your suitcases stored away–store things inside them, too (spare sheets, winter coats, etc.).

For the bedroom…

1. Keep your technology elsewhere! Move that desk to the living room now. You’ll sleep better for sure.

2. Keep your jewelry or other accessories and small items in bowls, teacups, or hanging from slim nails on the wall.

3. Store as much as you can under the bed… and then get a dust ruffle.

4. Turn a large bookshelf into a headboard. It looks super-cool–and you won’t need a bedside table.

5. Always reading? Keep your books and magazines in artful stacks on the floor. You can even throw in a plant or two, and you’ve got a chic tableau.

6. Enviable shoe collection? Display it–color-coded or otherwise organized–on a bookshelf. You’ll free up some closet space and you can pretend it’s modern art.

7. Feng shui tip: keep your bedroom clothed in light colors with soft lines (as opposed to a room that’s dark with heavy, sharp edges). It’ll keep you relaxed–just like you’d feel inside a hotel room.

photo attribute: Fleur Suijten


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