Post-Christmas Self-Gift Idea: Juicing!

Post-Christmas Self-Gift Idea: Juicing!It’s the holidays and this year instead of giving a trinket that is destined for the trash bin by January 15th, why not give the gift of health? Yes, Christmas is over…so we don’t mean a gift for someone else, but a gift for YOURSELF!

Juicing is currently one of the biggest trends in health food, with the laundry list of benefits associated with drinking fresh juice becoming more mainstream, such as increased energy, more focus and glowing skin, just to name a few. So I present to you the quintessential SELF-GIFT GUIDE!

First things first, you need a juicer. Now there are many types of juicers on the market, and the desires and goals of the juicer in your life will dictate what kind of juicer you should get. Prices range from $50 to over $200, and in the 877MyJuicer juicer store, you can filter by price.

For the newbie juicer, opting for a middle of the road juicer is best…the Breville Juice Fountain, which comes in a compact mode and a bigger option is a great starter juicer. For many juicing enthusiasts a Breville is a dream juicer.

Once the juicer has been bought, then you’ll need recipes! Juicing is about trial and error, but in order to stick with this habit, you’ll want to enlist the help of the professionals. Having a books and literature of go-to recipes will help inspire future juice creations. The Joy of Juicing is one of the first juicing books I ever bought – truthfully I didn’t look very hard, and thankfully this book was a wealth of information.

Armed with recipes and the juicer it’s now time to buy produce! The excitement of juicing generally leads to big purchases of fresh fruits and vegetables, and since juice is best enjoyed the moment it’s been made, you want to keep the unjuiced produce fresh for as long as possible. Enter the Debbie Meyer Green Bags which absorb and remove gases which damage and ruin the life of your fruits and veggies.  The bags also help reduce moisture build-up which also helps reduce bacteria, fungus mold and decay.

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