Phytochemcials – “WHAT… O… Chemicals?”

What’s the latest, greatest, most super fantabulous little compound to hit the scene of our knowledge with a bang?…  PHYTOCHEMICALS.  Haven’t seen those listed in your daily multiple vitamins have you?  Why?  Because no one yet knows just how much of this stuff your body needs everyday—but what is certain is that need them your body does. (I sound like Yoda)  In fact some research indicates that a diet rich in whole foods, which is naturally high in phytochemicals, can prevent and in some cases even cure Cancer, Heart Disease, High blood pressure, Diabetes, and Autism.

So what are they?  Flavonoids, lutien, and lycopene are a few phytochemicals you may have heard of.   “Phyto” derives from the Greek word for plant. So Phytochemicals are plant-derived chemical compounds found in fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, soy, herbs, seeds, and green tea to name a few.  These little guys are controversial now because many scientists believe that although they seem to have major health benefits they are not considered an essential nutrient in the human diet (If you can make sense of that logic email me).

Phytochemicals act as antioxidants and when they come in contact with your cells they initiate a process known as Phase 2 Enzyme which fuels the cells to fight off cancer.  Some phytochemicals are structurally almost identical to insulin which helps to remedy type 1 & 2 Diabetes while other phytochemicals help scrub the bodies arteries clean of plaque & cholesterol reducing the risk of heart disease and lowering blood pressure.  It has even been shown that certain phytochemicals can assist children and adults with Autism.

What’s important here is that for the most part you can’t get this stuff in a supplement.  You must EAT them in food.  1 Apple contains over 385 phytochemicals which cannot be duplicated in any supplement I’m aware of.  And here’s another tidbit my boss might not like; because phytochemicals are found mostly in the fiber of fruits and vegetables, you can’t really get enough of them from juicing.  So how do I keep my job and maintain my integrity to you?  That’s easy.  BLEND BABY!

Be well,

Juicy Josh

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