Organic Skincare for Dudes

Earth to Men: just because you’re not applying floral serums mixed with Evian water and eyebrow-setting gel doesn’t mean you’re exempt from the organic skincare craze that’s sweeping the nation.

Constant application of the chemicals found in non-organic skincare can harm you, too—even if you’re hairy enough to block most of the sun’s rays, or tough enough to stop bullets with your mind.

Do yourself and your favorite someone a little favor, and cut those skincare chemicals out of your life for good. They don’t have your back.

Here are some of the more common products men use that can be replaced!

Shaving Cream

Regular shaving creams are full of freaky chemicals like benzaldehyde and propylene glycol. Your teenage son probably has a band named Benzaldehyde. The problem with this stuff? For starters, it depresses your central nervous system and may cause kidney damage (is that compelling enough start so that we don’t have to go any further?)

Go easy on your skin with a gentle organic shaving cream, which can even avoid the dryness and razor burn that often accompanies shaving.


Men sweat. Lots. To combat this, men’s deodorants are packed full of strong chemicals that plug up the sweat glands and keep men smelling fresh—at the cost of their skin’s health.

Plenty of antiperspirants and deodorant are made from a form of aluminum, which has been linked to Alzheimer’s, brain disease and, possibly, cancer. Organic deodorants fight sweat and odor with natural ingredients like baking soda, tea tree oil, corn starch, and lichen.

And don’t believe the ads: women don’t actually flock to the scent of Axe like a pack of rabid hyenas, okay!?

Face Wash

Instead of de-greasing your face with washes containing sodium laureth sulfate, a foam-inducing chemical that can dry out and irritate your skin—not to mention its ability to be absorbed into the body by the skin, where it mimics the hormone Oestrogen (which can harm male fertility!!)—switch to something a little more natural, like a bar of pure olive oil soap, an organic face wash, or plain water.

After Shave

When your skin is already tender and now burning from shaving, the last thing you want to do is rub in a few more harmful chemicals. Regular aftershaves can have everything from ethyl acetate (narcotic, may damage liver and kidneys) to linalool (respiratory disturbances, causes frog’s hearts to have “depressed activity”) and a host of dangerous ingredients in between.

A simpler (and cheaper) alternative? Dab fresh aloe gel on your skin after shaving. It soothes irritation, feels incredibly cool, and doesn’t contain anything that nature didn’t put there herself.

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