New Drinking App Gives Us Another Reason to Juice

New Drinking App Gives Us Another Reason to JuiceFor many people, seasonal change comes with a change in drinking habits. During the winter, we cozy up to the fire with hot toddies and spiked nutmeg, but as soon as it’s warm outside, we hit the patios for chilled white wine, margaritas, fresh mojitos, and sangria. The warmth brings with it a sense of freedom, as though we’re finally out of school for the summer, and boozy picnics, wine-fueled dinner parties, and last-minute happy hours become the norm.

I’d be the last one to say it’s not fun. But aside from a little antioxidant activity via red wine, nobody is saying alcohol is good for you. In fact, scientists are pretty convinced of the opposite: heavy, consistent drinking can lead to a terrifying assortment of health problems, from anemia and heart disease to cancer, cirrhosis, dementia, depression, seizures, high blood pressure, and nerve damage. Moderate drinking can dry out your skin, harm your sleep, bloat your face, and cause weight gain. And let’s not even talk about hangovers.

There’s a new app called Drinking Mirror that wants to remind you of alcohol’s darker side using everyone’s most vulnerable spot: vanity. The app shows you what you’ll look like in ten years based on how much you drink right now. Upload a photo of yourself, plug in the number of drinks you have per week (1-5, 6-10, or 10+), and watch the transformation. Warning: it’s not pretty. If you’re a heavy drinker, you’ll see wrinkles, broken capillaries, and sagging jowls where your normal face used to be. I asked to see what I’d look like in ten years at 10+ drinks a week (I don’t drink that much, but I was curious), and the result was horrifying enough to make me swear off alcohol for good. Or at least for now.

But fresh juices are here to counteract the nutrient-deprived skin and dehydration of drinking, and they also give you something to sip on when all your friends are chugging champagne. Replace a few of your weekly cocktails with green juice and you’ll start to see and feel the difference right away. The thought of your face in ten years will no longer be so terrifying.

Here are some recipes to get you through the sangria-free weekdays:

Cucumber-Watermelon Electrolyte Juice
Watermelons and cucumbers are so hot right now, and both are absolutely packed with liquid–and this isn’t tap water we’re talking about. Both cucumber and watermelon water are filled with electrolytes, AKA nature’s gatorade.

Mexican Fiesta Juice
The two stars of this concoction are jalapeño and cilantro–two items you wouldn’t typically think of passing down the chute of your juicer. But hear me out…

Cranberry-Parsley Juice
Cranberries make your urine more acidic, helping prevent UTIs. Parsley is often used as a natural remedy for both UTIs and kidney stones. This juice combines them both in a sweet medley that will have your kidneys (hypothetically) glowing.

Moving Day Mega-Juice
Two huge mason jars full of carrot-grapefruit-spinach-apple-broccoli-green pepper-jalapeño-basil juice, oh my! This juice tastes incredible–the sweetness of the apples and carrots perfectly balanced out the veggie-ness of the broccoli and green pepper, and the basil and jalapeño gave it an amazing je ne sais quoi.

photo attribute: HybridSys


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