Butt-Out With Fresh Juices – A Plan Any Smoker Can Follow

Smoking sucks, but according to the World Health Organization, over 20% of the population continues to smoke cigarettes despite the fact that 20% of US deaths are related to smoking.

Smoking is responsible for many of the most common cases of cancer, heart disease, birth defects and emphysema, just to name a few.

People who want to quit smoking often find themselves climbing a proverbial Mount Kilimanjaro and thus turning to pills, patches, and inhalers to help them kick the butt. But these methods, although sometimes effective, are slightly conflicted in their logic.

The point is to rid the body of the addictive chemicals found in cigarettes, not to add more chemicals…you don’t fight fire with more fire, so fighting chemical dependency with molecularity-similar chemicals is weird to me, no?

A plan to replace smoking with juicing

Juicing fresh organic fruits and vegetables can be a very effective way to flush out unwanted chemicals and poisons from your system, as fresh squeezed juices are nutrient-rich and detoxifying.

I know many smokers and they will tell you that I am relentless in my quest to see them butt-out for good, but recently I have been offering a process using natural solutions that could hopefully juice your dirty habit away!

Number 1: It starts with a mindset, because it WILL be hard to commit to quitting. I suggest consuming at least five large fresh fruit or vegetable juices mixtures each day, and when the craving for a smoke arises, have a juice ready instead of a cigarette each and every time.

Regardless of how many cravings you get, kill them with juice – have more than five if needed. No one ever died from fresh juice.

Number 2: Make it easy on yourself and get a juicing book to help you find your favorite flavors. It is essential to like the juices you are drinking! The more you like your juices, the easier this whole juicing process will be.

Number 3: Stay consistent! The nutrient density of fresh juice is often enough to immediately eliminate cravings and provide a distraction, since making a juice takes on average the same amount of time as lighting up. But in the beginning, that’s all it will feel like – a passing distraction.

But done right, within a week cravings should begin to diminish considerably and getting through the days will become increasingly easier. Keep up the process for a couple of weeks, even after you’re no longer craving cigarettes. Recovering from a habit such as smoking requires your body to use all the extra care and nutrition it can get.

People climb mountains every day and people quit smoking successfully everyday, too. The secrets are in the attitude, perseverance and the arming of yourself with the tools needed to do it naturally!

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