My Take On Popular Juice Cleanse Fads

Juice cleanses are really hitting their stride – experts and health gurus are popping up everywhere claiming that they are the secret to lifelong health and vitality. But along with people evangelizing juice and juice cleanses, these liquid cure-alls have come under fire as well, as the sea of health and wellness is always two sided.

What a juice cleanse is and isn’t

For those unfamiliar with the basics of a juice cleanse, they are a strict, all-liquid diet plan, which typically contains a mix of raw vegetables, fruit and water. The idea is that it’s the most effective diet to remove toxins from the body. There haven’t been many official or controlled studies on the effects of a juice cleanse, so how well they work depends on whom you ask.

Cleanses are believed to remove impurities, and are built around the idea that your system isn’t operating correctly. But juicing can actually rid your body of fiber, which you need in order to properly digest.

Fiber acts as a scrub for your insides and it also slows down the absorption of sugar. By taking the fiber out, the natural sugar found in the fruit and vegetable juice rushes into the system, spiking the blood glucose level. When it happens, it often causes people to feel hungry and eat more.

On the other hand, there are people who swear by juice cleanse. They claim that the diet tremendously detoxifies the liver and aids the body in re-booting its natural processes.

Commercialization of juice cleanses

The problem with most juice cleanses is that they are promoted by companies who sell pre-packaged juices, a conflicting practice since the idea behind juicing is the freshness. We all know that the fresher you drink is, the more active the nutrients will be.

And with the Master Cleanse, what I think is the dumbest of all cleanses because it only consists of maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon juice, people are finding themselves fooled into thinking that they are helping their bodies with pre-packaged propaganda.

So how does one undertake a juice cleanse the natural and healthy way?

Now, although I am no doctor*, I believe that fresh juice paired with healthy FOOD (there’s nothing wrong with it, people!) can have the power to transform and cleanse. Having two fresh juice combinations everyday along with a diet rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and healthy proteins is the true secret to lifelong health and vitality.

My gripe with cleanses is that they promote small bursts of health for profits, when really, the key is committed, healthy lifestyle changes. To truly friend your body, one needs to make daily changes in order to see results.

Fresh juices are the answer, while commercialized juice cleanses, in my opinion, are just another food fad.

*Editor’s note: While Bianca is by no means a licensed, clinical, or practicing doctor or physician, she is, for all intensive purposes, the doctor of love, juicing for health, and if my memory serves me correctly, curing hangovers.

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