Moving Day Mega-Juice

For me, yesterday was the type of day that arrives far too often in most twenty-somethings’ lives: moving day. Oh, moving day–characterized by stress, not enough packing tape, and how-did-my-fridge-get-so-gross? syndrome. I seriously dislike moving–who doesn’t?–but yesterday, I did it like a champ(ion juicer).

I woke up promptly at 10 a.m. (whoops) and thought about going on a coffee run, but decided to juice every last veggie in my fridge instead. Not only would juicing give me a boost of natural energy, but a mega-dose of vitamins was exactly what I needed, since I always get sick during big transitions. Plus, it would be the last time I could use my roommate’s awesome Champion juicer, and I wasn’t about to let that amazing machine go without a proper goodbye.

Making a huge vat of juice was an amazing way to start off a day of packing, heavy lifting, selling furniture, and cleaning out scary dust bunnies from beneath the bed.

Here’s what I found in my fridge:

–two whole packages of organic carrots
–a small bunch of basil
–one green pepper
–part of a jalapeño pepper
–one grapefruit
–two heads of broccoli
–four apples
–a few handfuls of slightly old spinach

(Not pictured or juiced: a bunch of chives. Great on baked potatoes, anathema to juice.)

I washed everything as fast as I could, peeled the grapefruit, chopped up the pepper, broccoli, and apples, and cut the ends off the carrots. Within minutes, I was ready to juice. Thankfully, since most the ingredients were fairly firm, they juiced quickly. When it’s moving day, you just don’t have time to deal with difficult veggies (I’m looking at you, hard-to-juice kale).

After juicing as fast as possible, I rinsed everything off, said goodbye to the juicer, and assessed how much juice I’d just created. Spoiler alert: that bowl of veggies made a ton of juice.

Two huge mason jars full of carrot-grapefruit-spinach-apple-broccoli-green pepper-jalapeño-basil juice, oh my! Plus, it was a perfect excuse to use up the last of my bright plastic straws.

This juice tasted incredible–the sweetness of the apples and carrots perfectly balanced out the veggie-ness of the broccoli and green pepper, and the basil and jalapeño gave it an amazing je ne sais quoi. I drank both jars throughout the morning as I ran around town on last-minute errands.

The verdict? Still tired and sore, but not a cold or sore throat in sight. Best moving day decision I’ve ever made!

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