Making a Green Smoothie, Vitamix-Style


A shiny new Vitamix arrived in the mail yesterday, and I opened the box like a kid on Christmas morning. This legendary blending machine is surprisingly easy to put together–I was dreading a long process involving a complicated instruction manual, but all I had to do was set the clear plastic top on the base and add the lid. Easy as (raw, vegan) pie.



Usually when I make a green smoothie, I blend up the greens first with a little water or non-dairy milk, making a smooth, green, and totally grassy-tasting paste that (ideally) blends easily with the rest of the ingredients. (Stay tuned–I did something wrong this time.) I added a big handful of kale and a ton of mixed greens. I bought a huge tub of mixed greens yesterday, and when I opened the tub, I could tell that they will  be going bad much sooner than I had hoped. The leaves had that telltale moist look around the edges. Gross. But they’re fine right now, so needless to say, I’ll be drinking a ton of green smoothies for the next few days.



I added a few glugs of Silk Vanilla Pure Coconut Milk (I’m sure it does have lots of sugar content, but it’s sooo creamy and delicious), and hit blend. I used the accelerator/tamper tool (which, by the way, is super convenient) to push down the greens a bit, and added half a cup of water to ensure that it all blended smoothly.

Side note: this machine is extremely powerful. Turning it higher than 3 (on a 10-point scale) would make the green juice start spurting everywhere :)



I added about 1.5 cups each of frozen dark cherries and frozen blueberries. The Vitamix blended them up like it was churning butter. So easy!



A sprinkle of hemp seed and a bright orange straw (snagged from the kid’s party section at Target) complete the look.

Unfortunately, this particular smoothie wasn’t as delicious as it looked–I used way too many greens and not enough fruit. Finding chunks of lettuce in a smoothie is an unpleasant surprise.

Lesson learned: the world won’t end if I don’t eat every leaf of kale, so save some of the greens for tomorrow!


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  • Alex Juel

    You’ll get used to it ;)

    I love my Vitamix. Something to help prevent chunks is to add more liquid and let it run longer ( just not long enough to heat it up, lol). Mmm, smoooth!

    • Tori T.

      Thanks for the tip! I realized I just didn’t turn it up high enough to fully blend all the greens. The sheer power was kinda scary!

  • Abu Rayhan

    I accomplished I just didn’t about-face it up top abundant to absolutely
    alloy all the greens. The arduous ability was kinda scary! blending machine