Liver Loving Libations With Lemons

T’is the season of indulgence, with many of us finding our social calendar being stacked with a growing number of post-holiday parties, and it also happens to be the season where our livers feel the pressure the most. The liver is tasked with filtering out all the happy indulgences we put in!

So how can we tip the balance back in our favor during the holiday season? One word – lemons!

Lemon juice, plentiful in vitamin C and antioxidants, helps our livers carry out the task of neutralizing free radicals, which are produced when the liver filters out toxins in our bloodstream. Just like we feed lemons through a kitchen garburator to kill odor and bacterial growth, feeding lemon juice through our livers cleanses the liver and removes harmful bacteria.

Why it’s important to clean out your liver

Everything we ingest affects our liver – from meat and dairy to alcohol and medications – it all passes through the pearly gates of our livers. Depending on what we choose to feed ourselves, we can reduce the efficiency of the liver’s processes with heavy and indulgent meals. Lemon juice is a liver loving libation, as the liver is the largest benefactor of the health benefit associated with consuming lemon juice.

Lemons are antiseptic and they help prevent infection and putrefaction; lemon juice is also integral to the production of glutathione, needed to neutralize toxins and effectively detoxify the liver. Drinking straight lemon juice is a bitter sipper to swallow, but by mixing it with water we are able to kill two birds with one stone.

The one-two punch of lemon juice and water

Water promotes liver health, and by not drinking enough we increase our blood thickness which makes it harder for the liver to do it’s filtering. By mixing water and lemon juice, we create an easy-to-drink health sipper that weaves seamlessly into daily life – even for the pickiest palates among us.

Drinking lemon juice is a small change that can have wonderful effect on our bodies, and that’s especially true for our livers. When we boost this little organ’s efficiency with lemon, we enable it to create more enzymes that contribute to better skin, more efficient metabolism of the food we eat and an overall improved sense of wellbeing.

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