Move It Along Folks…Natural Alternatives For Constipation

I know…it’s hard to talk about, but it’s actually one of my favorite subjects.  Poop and the inability to poop.  Let’s face it guys, EVERYONE POOPS!  Whether it’s infrequent or difficult to pass, in order for your body to eliminate waste materials (that which it does not need), you must have a regular bowel movement.  One to three bowel movements a day is normal.  If that is just not happening for you….then let’s talk about getting things moving and why they don’t move.

Food sitting too long in the stomach and moving too slowly through the large bowel are the common causes of constipation.  I was never regular until I started the raw lifestyle.  This diet will flush a lot through.  Though I have heard of many people who are on the raw food diet and still do not have daily bowel movement.  We’ll talk about that later on.  “It is important that the bowels move on a daily basis.  The body normally excretes waste in eighteen to twenty-four hours.  Harmful toxins can form after this period.”  Prescription For Nutritional Healing .  Are you chewing your food thoroughly?  Is it liquid when you swallow?  Are you taking your time eating?  If you are sending large hunks of food into your stomach, it will sit there too long.  Undigested food hanging around the stomach will collect and give off bacteria.  This bacteria poops too!  And it will feed the bad cells in your body.  I’m pretty sure I don’t want that.  How about you?  It is my intention as I eat, for the food to be digested, assimilated and eliminated.  No hanging around in there.  Are you lacking foods rich in fiber?  Are there not enough liquids in your diet?  I’m not talking about soda and coffee.  I’m talking about fresh juices, fresh veggies, and GREENS!  Liquefying these greens, fruits and veggies allows the body to absorb more quickly the much needed nutrients and vitamins.  That will send what’s not needed by your body into your colon for immediate release.  Now departing…..yesterday’s breakfast, lunch and dinner….track four. 

What can you do if you are doing all these things and you still don’t have regular bowel movements?  Regularity also means time of day.  Once I went high raw, my bathroom time turned into a routine.  Same time of the day every day.  Set a time aside every day to make regular undisturbed visits to the bathroom.  Delaying nature’s signal will produce hard, dry stools and will train the bowel to malfunction.  So get moving.  Literally.   A Yoga twist before eating, brisk walking or bicycle riding will massage the bowels allowing for a smooth movement.   Emotional stress can also cause constipation.  Stress?   Who has that?  Are you kidding me?  Increasing your daily fiber and liquids can prevent or correct constipation.  But it’s a daily thing guys. Not just once a week.  Try prunes, apples, carrots or bran.  Better yet….juice your veggies and fruits.   Fresh apple juice, cucumber, or a green smoothie.   Herbal tea can also send your waste packing.  Stay away from dairy, white flour and sugar.  Fasting is also something you could try.  Allowing the body a rest in the digestion process for one day, then breaking your fast with fresh juice.

Here are some supplements for you to try if all else fails.  Start a daily shot of wheatgrass juice.  Aloe vera juice….1/2 cup twice a day will aid in forming soft stools.  Vitamin B, vitamin A, Acidophilus, Vitamin C and Psyllium, all great for relieving constipation.   Figs, cooked in milk.  Drink the liquid and eat the figs.  Add a little honey and lemon juice for a smoother effect.  Massaging the center of the palm on each hand or the bottom of each foot from the base of the middle toe to the heel.

Let’s see what Louis Hay, author of Heal Your Body, says about constipation for those of you still not able to find release:  Refusing to release old ideas. Stuck in the past. Sometimes stinginess.  Mantras: As I release the past, the new and fresh and vital enter.  I allow life to flow through me.

What do you say?  Get out and get moving.  It’s all about the poop. 

If your bowel movements are once a week or less, please visit your physician to rule out any other dis-ease in your body.  The information written here should not take the place of your primary care doctor.

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