Lesson Learned In The Summer Of Wheatgrass

Well, it’s September. I can feel the chill in the morning air and the sun is setting far earlier than it used to. It’s sad, but summer was fun wasn’t it?

Together we have discovered new ways to think about this blade of goodness called wheatgrass, once considered nothing more than an acrid shot. I have used it to help me get back on a healthy track by taking it in its traditional form, and I’ve found new ways to use it in my many cooking endeavors.

Wheatgrass has single-handedly re-ignited my love for smoothies, and it’s become my newest cooking ingredient obsession. Oh, yes, summer was fun indeed.

I thought that since summer is coming to a close (at least in my geographical location), that a roundup of some of the most valuable lessons I have learned this summer in regards to juicing, smoothies, and wheatgrass was in order. Let’s take a look back, shall we?

  • Wheatgrass pulp is as amazing, if not MORE amazing than wheatgrass itself. It makes an excellent pesto when blended with basil, garlic and pine nuts, or a delightful bread with zucchini and flour.
  • Freezing wheatgrass pulp and putting it into a smoothie takes it the next level.
  • Growing your own wheatgrass at home is easy for both the lightweight wheatgrass consumer, and the highly addicted like me.
  • And once you’ve sprouted your own grass, juicing it doesn’t have to be costly or create countertop clutter.

Gifted with a Lexen Happy Juicer and more lessons learned

Number four on the list is the newest lesson I’ve learned. Recently I was gifted with a Lexen Healthy Juicer, which retails for just $44.95 on 877myjuicer.com. I was initially inclined to believe that a proper juicer needed to be a heavy weight and most certainly electric, but I have since changed my tune.

What I like about this pint-sized juicer is its ability to juice not only wheatgrass but also most leafy greens, and pretty much anything small enough to fit through the feeder. I say this because I tried and successfully juiced oranges, berries, pears and apples, with a promise that it wouldn’t stop there. And if you are worried about the tiny bit of elbow grease required for a manual juicer, don’t be – it really isn’t that bad.

Well the summer of wheatgrass has been a blast; and I am confident that fall will bring even more exploration with the wonder that is wheatgrass!

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