July Bucket List

The year is already halfway over… wait, let me rephrase that. We are now entering a brand-new half of 2013! Yay! Let us all resolve right here and now to have the best July ever–and what better way to guarantee a great time than a good old-fashioned bucket list? I’ll start.

Here are 10 summery to-dos. Add yours in the comments!

July Bucket List

1. Get fresh flowers once a week. Ladies: buy them for yourself! Gentlemen: buy them for your ladies! Rebels: pick a wild, rambling bouquet from the side of the road! Put a crushed aspirin (or a teaspoon of sugar and a splash of vinegar) in your vase’s water and change the water every few days to keep your flowers looking fresh all week.

2. Actually go to your farmer’s market. For real! It’s easy to get lazy and not want to crawl out of bed on a weekend (I’m talking to myself here), but tomatoes are coming into all their succulent glory, and you really have no excuse.

3. Be extra-nice to your family on July 4th. It’s the week of American-inspired family reunions, and that means passive-aggressive extended family, mosquito bites, and sweaty children. Remind yourself that family is a huge gift and hug them hard, sticky hands and all.

4. Throw a summer dinner party. Did you just get stressed? DO NOT GET STRESSED. I’ll show you how! (Stay tuned…)

5. Pick one or more, and consume lots: 1) Tomato sandwiches 2) Root beer floats 3) Corn on the cob

6. Go to a matinée when it gets really hot outside! But not World War Z. It was terrible. Unless you like terrible zombie movies and Brad Pitt’s face.

7. Start at least one day off with twice as much green juice as normal. An excellent way to keep us all happy, healthy and full of energy this month!

8. Take a vacation. Even if it’s just a stroll or bike through a neighborhood you’ve never been to before. If you have a car, get out of your town/city and head to the nearest small town. I don’t know how it is where you’re from, but the Midwest is full of small, dreamy towns full of broken-down buildings and cool, empty bars.

9. Take up Yoga. Warm up your spine whenever you’re feeling stiff and achey with a quick Half Moon pose full of deep breaths. You’ll feel amazing afterward. (Please be careful though!)

10. Re-discover cucumber water (pitcher of water + slices of cucumber) and stay hydrated all month long!


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