“Juice; Is There Anything It’s Not Good For?”

Well, it won’t fix your car, bring you love, or raise your kids but it might make all those things easier.  Two glasses of fresh fruit and vegetable juice a day to maintain your health and at least four a day to speed the body’s healing and recovery from illness, making a regular habit of juicing and blending can literally change your life.  Yes, I realize I’m going into infomercial sounding copy (always a peril when you write for a retailer) and for the bulk of this community might be common knowledge but this is important for anyone interested in healthy living.  Not to mention it’s high time I write an article on the benefits of juicing overall.

Raw fruits and vegetables are probably the best source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, cancer fighting phytochemicals and other nutrients and because more beneficial substances continue to be found in fruits and vegetables all the time, it’s increasingly clear that you cannot substitute supplements for the real thing.  When you juice or blend from raw produce you get the whole plant including all its health promoting components in tact so it’s important to drink it when you make it.  For the newcomer to this world, essentially there are three juicing categories to become familiar with: Green Juices; Vegetable Juices and Fruit Juices.

Green juices are cleansers. They rid the body of pollutants and have and incredible rejuvenating effect because they are rich in chlorophyll which purifies the blood and builds red blood cells.  It detoxifies and heals and produces big boost of energy.  8 to 10 ounces a day is recommended using everything from alfalfa sprouts to wheatgrass (checkout our wheatgrass juicer section!)

Vegetable juice restores and builds. It removes excess body fat, boosts the immune system, removes acid wastes and balances the metabolism.  Carrot juice is the most popular not just for its taste but because it is packed with cancer fighting beta-carotene but you can benefit from just about any vegetable you can fit down the juicer spout. (Checkout a great vegetable juicer – the Omega Big Mouth Juicer)

Fruit juices are also cleansers and nourishers of the body. Filled with important nutrients including invaluable cancer fighting antioxidants you can enjoy fruit juices any time of the day.  Berries in particular have a high amount of antioxidants and so with fruits (but I’d suggest it with veggies also) blending up everything, peel, rind  and all will make for great smoothie experimentation and give you the much needed phytochemicals found only in the fiber of produce.

So now you’ve got the overall scoop.  Happy juicing!

Be well,

Juicy Josh


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  • http://www.best-juicing.com/medication-and-juicing-for-health.php Juicing For Health With Rika Susan

    Great post! We have been juicing for years and it really is worth the effort. It gives us much better value for money in terms of purchasing fresh produce. One caveat, though. Don’t drink medication with juice. Some juices may interfere with absorption of medications.

  • JuicyJosh

    Hey Rika,

    Thanks! Good call on the medication stuff. Very true…