Is Dehydrating Food Healthy?

Have you ever thought about the raisins you eat? Where do they come from? Raisins are just one of many different types of food that are actually dehydrated forms of other food. Raisins are dehydrated grapes. Dehydration is a process that has been around for thousands of years, since biblical times. This is an excellent way to preserve food. Dehydrated food is much easier to store than canned food because they are in much smaller packaging.

The Health Benefits of Dehydrating Food

Not only is dehydrated food much easier to store than canned food, it is a lot healthier, too. Canned food is cooked, and as soon as you cook any food, you take away many of the nutrients that it contains. Dehydrating food preserves all of the nutrients, so the food is still as healthy after dehydration as it was when it was fresh. You can buy food that is dehydrated, but can you always be sure that the food was fresh at the time of dehydration?

When you use one of the many different models of food dehydrators that are available, you can make your own dehydrated food right at home, ensuring that your dehydrated food always come from fresh sources. And this is often a lot less expensive than buying food already dehydrated, because you are doing the work yourself, which isn’t really much work at all, especially when you use a food dehydrator such as the Excalibur 3900.

The Lexen Healthy Chef is a four-in-one meal maker, which allows you to dehydrate food, steam food, cook rice, and even make your own yogurt. When you have this machine in your kitchen, it eliminates the need for many other kitchen gadgets, saving you a lot of money and counter/cupboard space.

Making Healthy Treats with a Dehydrator

If you are like millions of people all over the world, you love to snack on tasty treats that often aren’t the healthiest for you. There are many delicious treats that you can make with food dehydrators.

If you like dried fruits, you can dehydrate apples, pineapples, grapes, cranberries and more, and when you add your dried fruits to nuts, you will have a delicious trail mix that is great to munch on. Or, you can even make your own tasty beef jerky, which will help eliminate cravings for both salty and chewy treats, without all of the chemicals and other additives that go into commercially prepared jerky. You don’t have to limit yourself to beef, either.

Get creative, and try using poultry and pork to make delicious jerky that your whole family will love to snack on. And this is a healthy treat, too, because meat is loaded with protein, and the dehydration ensures that the nutrients are all left intact.

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