How to Arrange Flowers

Flowers may not provide you with your daily dose of Vitamin K, and they’re not gonna help you get extra fiber into your diet (unless you eat them…), but here’s the thing: a healthy life is a conscious life. You can eat raw vegan salads all day and all night, but unless you take the time to stop and smell the flowers–literally and figuratively–you’re hurting your own quest to be a healthy, well-rounded person. Scientists have studied the emotional impact of flowers, and discovered that flowers not only immediately increase your happiness, but they have a long-term positive effect on your mood. And the best part of all of this? Flowers are naturally so gorgeous that you can literally throw them in a jar and call it a day. Still, if you’re looking for a little more guidance, here are some tricks.

1. Be asymmetrical.

Your bouquet doesn’t have to look the same from every angle–in fact, it’s cooler if it doesn’t. Don’t stagger your flowers like you’re beading a necklace–let them clump, droop, and gather in visually interesting formations.

2. When in doubt, pick just one flower.

If you’re filled with despair at ever achieving the perfectly-arranged bouquets in Martha Stewart living, then stick to one type of flower. You absolutely cannot go wrong with a simple cluster of daffodils, hydrangeas, roses, tulips, lilacs, peonies… (you get the point).

3. Gather wildflowers. 

You know those tangly patches of Queen Anne’s Lace, dandelions, and black-eyed Susans that grow along the side of the highway? Clip an armful and bring it home to create a centerpiece that’s absolutely stunning in its authenticity. Just remember shake out the flowers before you bring them inside to get rid of bugs.

4. Fill up on greens.

A) Flowers are expensive. B) Greens are cool. If you only have a small handful of blooms and want to make a lush bouquet, gather things like ferns, ivy, tree branches, and even pretty weeds to fill out the bouquet.

5. Make multiple small arrangements.

Collect whatever glass containers you have on hand: old Coke bottles, jars, wine glasses, champagne flutes, traditional vases, etc. Divide your bundle of flowers into mini bouquets (don’t use the same ratio of flowers in every bouquet–variety is the spice of life, friends!) and put a few stems in each container. It’s super cool if the containers are varying heights. Cluster in the middle of the table, or on a windowsill, desk, or bookshelf. Who knew happiness was so easy to arrange?


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