How To A Clean Your New Juicer – Tips & Tricks

The thought of cleaning a juicer is enough to turn one off from juicing all together sometimes, what with all the moving parts…it can be a daunting task. I know this story oh so well.

When I first started juicing, my endeavor got off to a puttering start, because every time I juiced, it seemed like a chore having to clean my juicer. At one point I was juicing twice a day, and thus cleaning my juicer twice a day. I have learned a great many lessons about juicing.

Get the right juicer, and you might spend less time cleaning!

The first step in picking the perfect juicer is to take inventory of your juicing needs. If you are juicing for a large family, then a heftier electric juicer is likely the right choice for you. If you are a solo juicer, something smaller and perhaps manual may be all you need – and that will make cleaning easier for you.

Some people have a serious aversion to cleaning ANYTHING, so if this is you, consider buying a juicer that is 100% dishwasher safe. The LEXEN Healthy Juicer is a manual juicer that can be disassembled and placed in the dishwasher – I know, because I have one!

Handwashing may be unavoidable…

If an electric juicer is more your speed, hand washing is in your future. Step one, as is step one with anything that has the power to chop all your fingers off, is to unplug the juicer.

Then remove and rinse all the pieces that are dishwasher safe. Rinsing is essential because with all the gunk associated with juicing, it is a tall order for a dishwasher to eliminate it all. Wash the remaining parts and wipe down the juicer – spills and splashes are inevitable.

One last tip about handwashing

And lastly, always wash your juicer blades by hand, even if the manufacturer says it’s okay to place them in the dishwasher. In my experience, whenever I have placed a blade of anything – my food processor, blender or juicer – in the dishwasher, the blade has become dull.

When juicing, a dull blade can quickly cause frustrations, and we all know that juicing and cleaning is already a relatively involved task. Doing whatever it takes to make the process easier is a plus.

Getting bored while washing your juicer by hand?

Here’s some handy tips for keeping busy while you work.

  • Play some music on your iPod (Oprah puts out a great podcast called “Health and Wellness Channel – it’s worth checking out!)
  • Juice for a friend. They’ll likely hang around the kitchen while you clean.
  • Assemble an intelligent, personal robot capable of human emotions to clean your juicer for you.
  • Do squats between part rinsing.
  • Turn on the radio and jam
  • Pretend your not cleaning. Imagine yourself on a secluded Jamaican beach with an unlimited supple of freshly-blended Pina Coladas.
  • Have the kids clean the juicer in exchange for fresh juice!
  • Stage a mental breakdown related to juicer cleaning in front of your significant other, and then storm off into another room in a panicked and sudden madness. He/she will likely feel terrible and clean your juicer for you.
  • Use your Jedi-Mind Tricks.


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