Honey-Cinnamon Swiss Chard Green Smoothie

After watching a bunch of Swiss chard languish in my fridge for days, growing more and more wilted, begging me to sauté it–something I was simply too lazy to do–I decided that I needed to take action. I needed to whip up something quick and easy with the chard before it met a pitiful end in the gaping maw of the garbage bin. So I decided to put it in a green smoothie.

Green smoothie expert I may be, but I’d never put Swiss chard in a smoothie before, or knew of anyone who did. But it’s a green, I reasoned, and if I can blend up kale and coconut milk, surely I can blend up Swiss chard. Nevertheless, I associate chard so strongly with garlic and black pepper and being cooked that I decided to punch up the smoothie’s flavor profile with cinnamon and honey, so as not to risk any unpleasant raw-chard flavor creeping through.

Swiss chard never deserves to languish in anyone’s fridge, because it’s not only delicious and quick-cooking, it’s ridiculously good for you. It ranks second only to spinach on the World’s Healthiest Foods list of healthiest vegetables. One cup of cooked Swiss chard is off the charts in terms of nutrients–just check out some of these percentages:

Vitamin K: 715.9%
Vitamin A: 214.3%
Vitamin C: 52.5%
Magnesium: 37.6%
Manganese: 28.9%
Potassium: 27.4%
Iron: 22%
Vitamin E: 16.5%
Pretty powerful stuff. I love a super-fresh bunch of Swiss chard sautéed in garlic and olive oil, seasoned generously with salt and pepper. However, once chard gets a little old, it doesn’t taste as good in a sauté. Enter the green smoothie, which I often treat as my own personal aging-greens garbage disposal. Is that bad–or just clever?
Wash your poor, sad bunch of Swiss chard, and cut off the ends.
Add enough non-dairy milk and water to blend up the greens into a smooth liquid. No chunks allowed. The higher Vitamix blender settings (7 and up) take about ten seconds to turn this baby into…
this smooth fellow.
Add your preferred fresh or frozen fruits and continue to blend. Once you’ve gotten your smoothie as creamy and smooth as you want it, it’s time to season:
Add a generous squeeze of honey and a couple shakes of cinnamon to spice this thang up/further disguise the Swiss chard taste. The result? A smoothie so cool and sweet that you’ll forget you’re getting over seven hundred percent of your daily dose of Vitamin K.

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