Heavenly Homemade Cashew Butter

Heavenly Homemade Cashew ButterUp until a few weeks ago, I thought that nothing could top Nutella… unless you’ve tasted this European spread made from hazelnuts and chocolate, then you can’t understand its mind-blowing amazing-ness. I don’t bother to schmear it on ‘toast’ as their commercial suggests. I eat this stuff by the spoonful and let’s get real – Nutella is essentially glorified frosting. The nutritional value is nominal at best (but even so, the creamy richness is irresistible). In an attempt to try out other nut butters that may elicit the same joy that Nutella does, I began experimenting with different varieties found at my health food store. Almond butter is good, but a little mealy and tastes super ‘healthy’ (duh… because it is). Peanut butter, the old standby, is delicious, but doesn’t really feel as indulgent as Nutella does. Just when I thought my search was over, I tried CASHEW BUTTER. Oh-em-gee, you guys. Cashew butter (even just plain) officially rocks my world and I don’t even feel guilty when I’m eating it!

The good news is that making your own cashew butter with your juicer is super easy! Not only can you ensure that the cashews going into your butter are high quality and organic, but you can control how smooth you want the end product and how much you’d like to make. Before you get started, it’s important to note that not all juicers can handle this task. Specifically, you’ll need a Gear Juicer (Champion machines do the best job in my opinion). If you’ve got a Centrifugal Juicer, then sorry charlie–instead, break out your Vitamix blender or food processor. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, you’re ready to go!


1. On your gear juicer, switch out the juicing screen with a blank plate.

2. Measure out as many raw organic cashews as  you’d like and process through the juicer.

3. Slowly drizzle in a neutral-flavored oil to help keep things creamy and smooth.

4. Have a bowl or jar at the opposite end to capture all of that velvety, cashew-y goodness! At this stage, you can mix in whatever you’d like – a pinch of salt, some honey, cocoa, anything!

Now that you’ve got yourself the yummiest stuff ever, there are a million ways to enjoy it. The creamy texture is perfect for making a healthy version of Elvis’ favorite sandwich. If you love bananas, then this is the recipe for you! Just take two pieces of sprouted whole grain bread (Ezekial is the perfect texture for this), slather the outsides with a soy spread like Soy Garden, and the insides with cashew butter. Cut a banana into evenly thick round slices and layer in the middle of the bread. Griddle on a hot pan until each side is toasty. DELISH!

Photo credit: magueglz

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