Healthy Juicer Electric Free Giveaway Winner Announced!

Hey, I gotta say – I am quite impressed with all of the awesome entries that were received.  Really.  Hearing from all of you on a more personal level was awesome – hearing the stories of better health, awareness, personal struggles and more.  The entries were incredibly moving. I only wish we could give away more on this round! So – how did we select the winner?  Well, after two hours of tedious printing and cutting of each entrants post – I had the boss-man pick a piece of paper out of a blender.  Ya, we figured what more fitting way to do it versus a hat.

But wait…there is still light at the end of the tunnel!  I was able to convince (after lots of groveling, begging and the such..not really, the 877MyJuicer folks are pretty cool here) to give away another juice next week!

Don’t enter yet – more will come on this so check back on the blog for official entry!

So – I bet you are waiting in anticipation on who the lucky winner is.  Was it you?  Wait for it…wait for it…..

SO!  Here was the drawing process (we took photos for proof…and because it was fun):

1)  Showing off the printed off entries

2)  Me, doin’ tha mix

3)  Jason doin’ tha mix!

3)  Aint that a purdy BlendTec?

4)  Ah-Ha!  The lucky winner

5)   Congrats Kelly O’Sullivan on winning the Healthy Juicer Electric!!!!

Here is Kelly O’Sullivan’s Entry:

I would love to win the juicer as I have been heading towards a more complete raw diet for a while now, not just for general health benefits although I encourage this for everyone. However, this is a part of my life because I have several conditions which are alleviated and sometimes almost seem to be cured by eating a raw diet, and getting the concentrated nutrition gained from juicing. I love wheatgrass but at 2$ a shot average it is not feasible on a regular basis. I have a very simple diet, make all my own food because of these conditions and also multiple allergies/sensitivities I have to common, normally very healthy foods (even apples, broccoli, rice, to name a few on the long list!) I find my diet lacking in variety and I lose energy just trying to deal with the conditions and make all these careful choices regarding diet & health. All these reasons and more would make winning this juicer a godsend for me and my family.
Thank you, 877myjuicer, for offering this — And Congrats to the actual winner come drawing/deciding time!

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  • Jen

    A juicer is on the top of my list of things I am in desperate need of. I want to juice at home and make healthy smoothies for my daughter. I really feel it is important to know what you are eating. Juicing is one step closer to that – not to mention that you can save a lot of money on more unusual juices like carrot..

  • Ernest Fesco

    Hi! I just bought the Lexen jucier. I like it very well.
    If I win a jucier I will give as a gift to my son. He is a hard convincer.
    Thank you.
    Ernest Fesco