Guest Blog Post by Michael Bergonzi – The Wheatgrass King at Hippocrates Health Institute!

Ok…so first of all, how awesome is it that Michael was up to do a guest blog post?!  Michael is an incredible guy, and I can’t give him more authority in his knowledge on the subject of wheatgrass, leafy greens, and all that has to do with juice.  Bottom line is – he knows his stuff.  He has just come out with a new DVD with a great (hilarious) lecture on the background of wheatgrass, how to grow it and how to actually juice it!

Ok Mike…heres..well, the mic!

From Michael Bergonzi:

Hello 877MyJuicer world!  Michael from Hippocrates here.  It would be my pleasure to inform people of GREENS and how amazing they are!

First of all, allow myself…to …introduce….myself.  My name is Michael Bergonzi, Greenhouse / Expo Manager / Health Educator Director at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL for the past seven years.  My career in the field of alternative health & wheatgrass began in San Diego, CA at the Optimum Health Institute back in 1990.  Growing grass for a living and not ending up in jail seemed like a pretty cool job!  Ok, I’ll take it!  Of course, the cost per one ounce is $1.00 rather than $350.00!  =)   Humor is important to healing!  I spent 8 years there, then worked for Ellen Tart-Jensen and Singer / Songwriter, Jewel for the next 3 years.  Getting out of the grass field (no pun intended) but staying in the alternative Health Industry as Ellen spent 11 years with Bernard Jensen, so it was an awesome ride.  In 2001, I came to Hippocrates in FL, the number one Alternative Health Resort in the Country.

Most people now a days have at least heard of wheatgrass juice if not actually tasted it themselves from a juice bar or health food store.  (There are always some people that enjoy drinking it, but no one ever hangs around those people!)  The taste of wheatgrass is not always a pleasant one and we are told that it must be our bodies that are detoxing.  However, that is not always the case.  For example, as a wheatgrass grower, I would bring a tray of grass to the health food store, ready to juice.  If they juiced it that day, it would not taste at all bitter or cause that nausea feeling.  But, they choose instead to put it in the store window for a display for people to see it, and now it stays in the window for two more days in which the sun shines on it, which it should never.  They haven’t watered it, which they should everyday, and now, that same sweet tasting wheatgrass has aged almost 80 years in two days.  It’s kind of like people, the older it gets, the more bitter it becomes!  =)  Wheatgrass should be harvested when a second blade becomes visible, and then the entire tray needs to be cut at the same time.  It may then be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week without losing it’s value and taste.

Let’s talk about the ‘greens’ on the planet Earth.  First of all, everyone can agree that we, as humans, are mammals.  Most of the mammals on this planet are living on leafy greens.  In fact, we are one of the few mammals that still eat meat and the only mammal that cook our food.  To say that protein only comes from eating meat is an uneducated statement.  Sprouts, sprouted beans and GREENS are the best source of proteins for our bodies.  Think about it on a bigger scale.  How is it possible that most every mammal (and you all agreed that WE humans are mammals) can live on eating just leafy greens?  Elk, moose, deer, giraffes, gorillas, elephants, horses, etc… and don’t forget the one that WE get most of our food here in the USA from, the COW!!!  Ahhhhhhh…  and here is the problem now a days.  You see, in the past, when you lived on red meat and dairy products, in-directly you lived on GRASS.  The cow was eating the grass; we were eating the cow.  It just makes sense.  We were getting the EARTH in our diets.  But, today, that is NOT the case.  Most cows are now trough fed, mostly grains, which are making their systems too acid base, and are having to be shot full of antibiotics, steroids and of course hormones.  They go over to the trough, eat as much as they can, and now want to take a nap because they are ‘full.’  (Ringing true to us as humans these days who drive through the fast food joint, meaning WE are being trough fed too!  Staying full, getting tired and staying sick.)  A cow taking a nap because it’s too full?  Are you kidding me?  So, the problem now is our red meat and dairy aren’t what they used to be.  We are not getting the GRASS (green / earth) in our diet any longer.  Look, I have been in this field now for 17 years, too long to judge anyone for what they choose to eat.  I just want to educate people on “what’s simple is TRUE.”  Get the Earth back in your diet, more oxygen back into your cells and exercise once a day.  (yoga, walking, stretching, etc…)

OK.  Is any of this making sense yet?  Let’s go to the first thing your body needs to live.  Before food, before water, you need OXYGEN!!!  Everyone reading this, please pause for a moment and take a DEEP BREATH…  Count to three on the inhale and three on the exhale.  Wasn’t that good?  Let’s face it, the only people that really focus on breath these days, unless you’re into yoga, thai-chi or meditation, are smokers!  =(   Personally, I smoked for 10 years, and I know why I felt the ‘need’ for a cigarette, because it would relax me.  Exactly, what are you doing when you smoke?  (You now have to leave your job and go outside the building.  Amen to that law, so you get a bit of stress relief too.)  You’re BREATHING DEEP, for the first time all day.  I am NOT encouraging smoking, however, I am encouraging breathing.  Try it without the “stick.”  Walk away from people, your job, etc… and go somewhere, by yourself, and spend 5 minutes breathing deep.  It’s amazing how much calmer you will be after doing this.

Now, let’s take a moment and go back to how ‘wheat’ grass came to light.  A woman by the name of Ann Wigmore founded Hippocrates in Boston approx. 50 years ago.  She actually healed her own health issues by chewing on ‘lawn’ grass.  That’s right; I said lawn grass, not wheatgrass.  She began chewing on it and got sick for many weeks, but stayed with it till she eventually started feeling better and better.  She learned that the grass / greens were the most complete foods on the planet, as well as having other healing properties.  The wheat seed was chosen because of its sweeter, more palatable taste.  (Her cat picked it out.)  She also learned that the green / chlorophyll will increase the hemoglobin in the blood which then distributes oxygen to every cell in our body.  Take another deep breath!  Remember that oxygen is a good thing?  Ann started this because of watching the animals do it, as well as a statement that was made to her as a child, “Instinct guided creatures, left to them selves, do not make mistakes.”  (I LOVE that one.)  Most of us chewed on grass as children, if it was around.  Why then and not now?  We lost sight of our instinct.  Here’s a FYI on oxygen content on the planet these days:  100 years ago, there was over 30% and now it is at an average of 15%.  The most out there, if you live in a lush, green area, is 21%.  However, in downtown major cities it is down to 9% or less.  Does anyone remember ‘smog alerts’?  I do, but not since 1990, when they stopped telling people.  Fact:  Oxygen in the cells means less chance for cancer to survive.  GREENS = Chlorophyll = increased hemoglobin = more OXYGEN in your cells.  GET IT NOW?  Don’t forget, fresh wheatgrass juice is the best way to FEEL a difference.  Drinking 2 ounces / day on an empty stomach is optimum.

In closing, remember these two simple words: “Stay Present.”  If you liked my words and enjoyed the ‘Wheatgrass Growing’ and ‘Sprouting Seeds’ DVDs, then I have my very special DVD, ‘Conscious Communication’ available now as well as my new class called ‘Moving Beyond Fear’ on audio CD, both are my very favorite to teach.  There is much more to this life and even faster ways to heal the body when you are open to receiving the information.  Yours in the greenhouse at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL, breathing in approx. 30% oxygen everyday, Michael Bergonzi

For questions on growing your own wheatgrass or sprouts, visit my personal website (which I am still working on improving) at and send me an email anytime.  My email address in on my website.  I am also available for lectures and travel to help start up the wheatgrass business in your area.

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    Wheatgrass is Chlorophyll

    In the case of chlorophyll and hemoglobin we have two molecules that are amazingly similar in make up, but which are very different in function. if you look at the two schematic drawings, it is obvious that there is only one major difference in the make up of the molecules and that is that hemoglobin has iron as the central atom in the matrix and chlorophyll has magnesium. In all other respects the molecules are the same.

    I’m going to Hippocrtaes to learn about this superfood. My failures growing it has made me order a DVD.

  • Michael

    I’m groing wheatgrass and getting bare/empty pockets in the tray, some with mold. Suggestions?

    Thanks for your help,

  • stella

    I have gone through the article o
    f Michael and found the same quite useful. One thing i understood that wheatgrass juice can be termed as green blood and it has got tremendous beneficial nutrients for a positive body and mind. Thanks for information.