Goodbye Old Friends~ RIP Power Juicer Pro

Something horrible happened to me yesterday- there was a great loss. I woke up, ready to juice a magical morning concoction to start my day- a ritual in my home; I set up my Jack Lalanne Power Juicer, prepped my oranges, blueberries and carrots- the perfect morning drink or hangover cure. I placed them in the juicer, powered the machine on- and nothing. My panic level at this point was at a manageable level two- I hurriedly deduced that it was electrical outlet. I plugged it into another outlet- sure that I would hear the lovely hum I had become accustomed to; and, again, nothing. Panic level 4. I took the juicer apart, convinced that I could remedy this problem- I had to; I wouldn’t allow the thought that my juicer was dead creep into my mind. Sadly after thirty minutes, a barrage of expletives and even some tears, I called it- I pronounced my Jack Lalanne Power Juicer dead at 8:45 am. I was late for work having spent my precious morning minutes trying to revive my dead juicer. Epic fail.

I mourned for a full afternoon; and I then decided that I could sit wallow, or find a suitable replacement. Although I am very familiar with the Jack Lalanne family of products, as my deceased juicer was a Power Juicer; I wanted to see what else was out there- a lot has changed since I received my juicer three years ago. And, in my short and relatively brief research into the land of juicers, I have found that there are ever so many options.

Let’s start with Breville; what I like about Breville was they had a variety price ranges  and the designs looked rather sleek- sleek is very important, as counter space is at a premium in my home. However, I could only find models that came in silver and/or chrome colors; and my kitchen isn’t accessorized to match- and yes that matters. And even at the lower end, Breville was still almost $100 more than a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer.

The Lalanne line on the other hand comes in a number of colors and styles- the most sleek being the Power Juicer Express to the mack daddy Power Juicer Pro, which is definitely beastly in size. Instantly the red Power Juicer Express stood out to me- the price ($100) was in line with what I could afford; and due to aforementioned premium for counter space, I liked the sleeker design.

I could also change directions and try another style of juicer. There are another style of juicers known as masticators- which use the process of mastication to chew the fibers of the food and extract juice from them. Currently being featured on is the  Healthy Juicer electric which is a multipurpose unit. Unlike many of the other units I’d had in mind, this unit can be used for juicing wheatgrass as well as fruits and vegetables. And although it is bigger in size, it eliminates the need for a stand alone wheat grass juicers- and in this competitive game of juicers that is huge plus.

There was so much to choose from and so many decisions to make- so many factors that I needed to consider; size over unit features, or whether to go with something familiar or try something new. I was over the hunt, I hadn’t had fresh juice in days; and by this point I really wanted a juicer. I loved my Power Juicer and had it not kicked the bucket I would still be using it, but the competition was starting to make a great case for itself; I ended using the Healing Juicer Electric and boy, does it feel good!

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