Dry, Natural Fall Hair Fixes

Dry Natural Fall Hair FixesAs the humidity drops, it’s likely that your hair will begin to change along with the season. Summer’s lush, damp air makes it fairly easy for locks to feel moisturized, but once the air gets cold and dry, it can feel like your hair is frizzier than a Halloween wig.

But don’t scream: you’ve probably got something around the house that will do the trick.

First, decide whether you need to condition or reconstruct your hair (or both):

  • conditioning ingredients restore moisture to the hair
  • reconstructing ingredients add protein to the bonds in the hair.

Consider your hair type. Fragile hair that breaks easily will need to be both conditioned and reconstructed, while strong or thick hair that is simply dry may be fine with just a conditioning treatment. Got it? Let’s go!

Condition with Oil

The easiest, cheapest, most natural, and all-around best treatment for hair is a deep conditioning treatment with hot oil. Most people already have olive oil in the kitchen; simply warm 1/4 cup in the microwave for about 10 seconds, until the oil is warm—not scalding—and apply.

Work the oil treatment into the hair, starting at the middle of the hair shaft and applying down to the ends. Use any extra oil on the roots. Wrap the hair in a shower cap or plastic wrap, and surround that with a towel. If you’re in a hurry, blast the hair with a blow dryer—heat increases the penetration and effectiveness of the product.

Leave on for 30+ minutes, and wash the treatment out with a gentle shampoo. Coconut, jojoba, grapeseed and avocado oil also work wonders on dry hair. Feel free to mix and match.

Reconstruct with Protein

Yogurt and eggs are staples in most people’s refrigerators, and both are packed with protein. If your fragile locks are desperately in need of repair, grab three egg yolks and/or half a cup of yogurt, and smear it all over your head. Seriously! Wrap in plastic and a towel, and leave on for 30+ minutes before shampooing.

(Natural) Additives

Toss in some of these super-hydrating ingredients to make your hair mask a lot more fun – honey,  mashed avocado, coconut milk, mashed ripe banana, aloe vera, or a few drops of essential oil. You could also try rosemary, clary sage, myrrh, or peppermint oil. Unless you’re using plain oils, aim for the consistency of a store-bought conditioner so that the mask doesn’t drip off hair and make a mess.

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