Cure What Ails You With Citrus Juice

Cure What Ails You With Citrus JuiceI was at a conference this weekend, spending my days in rooms full of people networking, shaking hands and sharing re-circulated air. It was awfully busy – late nights, early morning and meals that had little emphasis on health, but rather convenience.

And wouldn’t you know it – I can feel myself getting sick. I’ve got the ticklish throat, mild aches and an overall tired feeling that I cannot seem to shake, on the eve of a coming getaway, no less.

It figures.

I leave for my weekend sojourn in exactly two days, so how do I kick this sickness in the butt without having to set foot inside a pharmacy? You guessed it – juice!

My bet on juice as the cure

Whenever I am in a time crunch, like this one, I look to juice to help cure what ails me, for fast relief. Now, there are many juice combinations that are guaranteed to keep us healthy as a measure of prevention, but when sickness is at the front door, there a few juices that get the job done quite like citrus juice.

Citrus juice is packed with vitamin C, well known for being an extremely powerful antioxidant, with an ability to relieve and reduce many sicknesses and keep our body systems working at optimum level. The antioxidant powerhouse that is vitamin C is found in abundance in lemons, limes, grapefruit and oranges.

Typically you can often find me, early in AM, taking a shot of lemon juice on any given day, anyway. However, during this conference weekend, I let my routine get away from me – and that’s a lesson learned.

So this morning as I awoke, feeling less than stellar, I decided that I was going blast my malady with nutrients. I’ve been drinking juice all day – but specifically citrus juice.

My juice combination to relieve sickness

I combine two oranges, one grapefruit, one orange, one lime, and one lemon. You’d think the blend would be sharp and sour, characteristic of citrus fruits, but the sweetness of the orange takes the edge off quite nicely.

I will be drinking this juice blend three times today and three times tomorrow. Combined with rest, I firmly believe that wellness will be mine. I’ll report back soon!

With that, it’s back to my juicer and then back to bed.

What are your favorite juice blends to help relieve sickness? Share with us in the comments below!

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