Common Warts? Have I Got An Answer For You.

My friend’s son has had warts on his hands for as long as he can remember.  He’s had them frozen, burned and chemically removed.  He’s taken drugs to fight them from the inside too.  Because of their severity, he usually removes more than one wart at a time, which is very painful.  But alas, they always come back.  Common warts can be found on the hands, feet, forearms and face and their size ranges from a pinhead to a pea.  Some are found on the voice box or larynx and be the cause for some hoarseness.   My friend’s son was on vacation and started using a common household ingredient on his hands and by the end of the week started to notice a huge improvement on his hands!  He continued using this treatment and in a few weeks his hands were completely clear of all warts!  I’ll tell you what he used at the end of this post.

Common warts are noncancerous skin growths caused by over 100 types of a virus called the human papillomavirus (HPV).  The virus causes a rapid growth of cells.  Common warts are not like moles and usually are harmless and often eventually disappear.  But how long do you have to wait?  They are bothersome, embarrassing and become a cosmetic concern.  These common warts usually grow on hands and fingers.  Some treatments will prevent warts from spreading to other body parts or to other people, but the chance of getting common warts from someone is very small.  However, they can recur after treatment and become a persistent problem and if you are susceptible to the virus you always will be.  The virus itself is not contagious, but it can spread by entering through a small break in the skin.  This type of virus is rarely transferred by contact with the infected person or anything they touch.

If you or your child has had or has common hand warts, you’ve probably tried all the common so-called cures, from freezing to over the counter drugs like salicylic acid.   Salicylic acid can cause redness and burn, but will not scar or infect.  If you have diabetes, consult with your doctor before treating your common warts with salicylic acid.  Here are some supplements to add to your routine:  Vitamin C-4,000 to 10,000 mg daily for antiviral, Vitamin E capsules-400-800 IU daily, you can also open the capsule and apply directly to warts, Zinc-50-80 mg daily, which can increase immunity against viruses.  The Prescription For Nutritional Healing also states “some people have had good results with a crushed garlic clove placed directly on the warts.” 

To avoid spreading common warts, keep hands as dry as possible, don’t shave, pick, comb or brush the area, don’t pick or bite your fingernails and wash hands thoroughly after touching the warts.  And here’s that old adage, ignore them and they’ll eventually go away!  However, that may be weeks, months or years. 

So now are you ready for what he used to get rid of his warts?  Common hand sanitizer.  That’s right.  Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer.  He started using it for some reason on the island, and noticed immediately that his warts got better.  He continued to use it every day after he returned home and within weeks his hands were wart free.   This just happened, so I will keep you posted if they return, but this was the first time in years he’s been wart free.  And his Mom said his hands are beautiful!   It’s worth a try.  Let me know if you suffer from hand warts and you try this method, how it turns out for you.  My daughter has one single wart on her knee that we’ve frozen off a couple of times and is still there.  I’m going to start this new treatment and see what happens. 

Be happy and healthy!  It’s in your own hands!

These statements should not take the place of your primary health care physician and have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Seek advice from your medial practitioner if your common warts persist, multiply rapidly or cause you pain.

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  • Suzanne

    I had 5 warts for about 2 years and with the H1N1, I’ve been practically bathing in hand sanitizer at work daily. A few weeks ago, I noticed that they were disappearing one by one until they were completely gone.

    I was curious if this was a fluke but then came across your article. No joke, it works like a charm.

  • Donna Boyle

    Thanks for letting me know! What a great thing!!!!!

  • Monica Shiver

    I was amazed to figure out this cure as well! I started working in the hospital in January and have used the Bath and Body Works Sanitizer frequently from my desk as I see alot of patients. One day I noticed my warts, about 20 embarrassing warts in my hand, were disappearing before my eyes. This has beeen a challenge for years as I have tried everything medically to no avail! This works!!! try it! Good bye duct tape!

  • sean

    Glad this worked for you. I have never had warts, but I was working in the bush for 2 weeks unable to wash in a restroom daily so I took a couple bottles of hand sani with me. I used it a few times a day. Today I have about 8 warts on my hands. I am sure this hand sani caused these warts because I have never in my life had them before. Back to soap and water for me!!

  • Bill

    Hand sanitizer was effective in making my warts disappear, too. Previously, I had gone to the doctor to have them frozen off, but that was expensive, and did not work.

    It’s funny how an expensive treatment didn’t work, while a $4 bottle of hand sanitizer did the trick.

  • Janet

    My co-worker stumbled across this cure also. She had professionally treated her warts for seven years with no affect. She used gold bond hand lotion with sanitized in it and they immediately looked better. She used plain hand sanitized also and in 3 weeks they were 99% gone. She is still working on the last ones. She does not feel that it was just a coincidence because she was getting a new wart even as the others were disappearing. I can’t help think that dermatologists know of this simple,cheap cure but would loose way too much money if others know about it.

  • Pbt199lb

    Hand sanitizer caused my warts. When I stopped using it they went away.

  • Martha Wagner

    Two doctors diagnosed me as having planter’s warts. To keep from spreading them to my husband I started rubbing them with hand sanitizer. Yeaa they disappeared.
    Fifteen years ago spent over a year trying to get rid of them. This was before hand sanitizers were popular.
    Martha Wagner

  • Sarah

    This happened for me also. I never used hand sanitizer until I got my job and now I use it all the time! It keeps my hands wart free! :) It did hurt for a couple of days when the wart started to go away but after that it was fine :)

    • Donna

      That is awesome!!!!!

    • Tom

      That’s awesome, Sarah…who knew?!

  • Uset6132

    Guest 2 I tried all the gels and warts came back! It was agony peeling skin off my finger tip! I used hand gel and an emery board and they all disappeared within a few months.