Coffee & Coconut Oil

How do you take your coffee?

I used to take mine drowning in milk and caramel drizzle, Starbucks-caramel-macchiato-style. What can I say? I was a high school girl who really liked driving around with the radio on, and the hippest accessory you could rock on a summer day was that iconic Starbucks cup.

Somewhere after college, though, I was introduced to good coffee. Intelligentsia, Metropolis, Stumptown, and so on–the kind of coffee so full-flavored and delicately brewed that I could drink a cup black. And a black cup of coffee is a really good thing–more and more studies are showing that coffee isn’t just useful for keeping you awake, but it may help prevent dementia, breast cancer recurrence, prostate cancer, oral cancer, the most common skin cancer, and Type 2 diabetes. And the ambient noise of a coffee shop has been shown to be perfect for creative work. Give me some cold-pressed iced coffee and a seat by the window and I’m a happy camper.

Even though I’m now a full-fledged coffee snob, I still crave an occasional flavored latte, although drowning coffee/espresso in cream and sugar is a great way to take it from health food to junk food. (Psst, McDonald’s iced coffee is ridiculously good.) So when I started hearing whispers around the internet about adding a spoonful of coconut oil to coffees and lattes, I was intrigued. Coconut oil is sweet and creamy at the same time, which should make it a perfect candidate for coffee–but oil in coffee? Gross, right?

Before I give you the honest scoop on how the combo tastes, let’s talk about coconut oil itself. Not only is it an amazing moisturizer for both skin and hair, but it’s a total “healthy fat” (there’s a buzzword you’ve probably heard before). It helps you lose abdominal fat (a type of weight that’s traditionally very hard to lose), boosts thyroid function, helps with blood sugar control and cholesterol levels, and generally has protective, antioxidant effects on our body.

So, positive all around, right? Intrigued by the murmurs (check out the comments on this article re. coconut oil + coffee), I brewed a fresh cup of craft coffee and stirred in a spoonful of coconut oil. It melted right away, and you could see little pats of floating on the surface of the coffee. Cool? I took a wary sip.

It was delicious. Creamy and lightly sweet with just a hint of coconut flavor. I added a splash of half-n-half and it got even better.

So here’s my verdict: you gotta give this a shot. It’s the perfect way to rev up your morning fix while taking care of your sweet-creamy-latte craving without guiltily buying a Starbucks caramel macchiato. Put it in a thermos and drive around with the windows down and the radio up. It’s worth it.

[Note: since coconut oil hardens when it gets cool, I wouldn't recommend adding it to iced coffee.]


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