Purified Water and Benefits

Stop the Common Cold – “So… Very… Cold”

0 by / on October 9, 2008, 8:18 am

Oh how delightfully blissful we live when we’re in good health, taking care to eat right, exercise, and generally stay on top of our well being.  That’s why it’s so darn frustrating to be stopped in our tracks by that pesky and pervasive virus known as the common cold.  Now I’m somewhat of a health nut…  I say somewhat because I do, on occasion, indulge and compared to some like my dear Aunt and Mother I’m a lightweight when it comes to healthy diet and prevention.  However, I go to great lengths to keep my immune system in tip top [...]

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Purified Water Summary – “Dude, this stillsuit just ain’t cuttin’ it…”

0 by / on September 25, 2008, 9:06 pm

I’m not really sure what that title’s about.  “Bill and Ted go to Dune” maybe?  Anyway, it’s a sad fact that although my secret sci-fi fantasies would have me doing battle alongside Fremen warriors on the great sands of the desert planet, the truth about the inhabitants of such a place would be far off from the super humans described in Frank Herbert’s novel.  That level of water depletion would more likely create a population of frail, sickly, lethargic and unintelligent people. Ok, so now that I’ve given away my super geek-ness what’s all this about?  Well, it’s all about [...]

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