Build A Better Smoothie for a Post-Workout Routine

Looking to shake up your usual post-workout smoothie routine? Check out some of these muscle-fixing and muscle-building additions!It’s been about four months since I began refocusing on exercise. The first four months of the year I focused solely on nutrition, and I’ll admit that it was born out of laziness…what can I say; I just didn’t want to work out!

Initially I felt completely drained; exhausted, in fact. My trainer told me there would be an adjustment period where my body would be screaming at me, and she was right. So I did what I always do in those unfamiliar I-didn’t-know-I-even-had-that-muscle-and-it-hurts-like-heck momentsI made smoothies.

But my regular smoothie endeavors simply wouldn’t do this time. This one needed to be far more robust. To tell you the truth, my refocused smoothie efforts couldn’t have come at a better time as I was beginning to get into a smoothie rut. They were still delicious, but I had been making the same smoothies over and over. A revamp was in order.

To help my body recover from a workout and to boost my smoothies I did some research, and here’s what I found!

Go Green

Freeze-dried greens offer not only boat-loads of antioxidants and phytochemicals, but they also come in handy when I’m out of fresh kale. There are different types of greens powders on the market, and even options that have freeze-dried berries, too. Adding greens to a smoothie makes it extra restorative!

Super Fruit

Have you ever heard of smoothie packs? Since I discovered these little gems, I have been raving about them to whoever will listen. Smoothie packs are small, antioxidant-rich smoothie packs that skyrocket the nutritional value of any blended drink. Smoothie packs provide not only the aforementioned antioxidants, but bold flavors and color to my smoothie!

Hemp Protein

Regular ol’ whey protein, this ain’t! Hemp protein is derived from sustainably-grown hemp seeds and offer complete proteins, boasting essential amino acids for muscle recovery.


Vega smoothies are perfect for those on the go, because all you need is water! Vega’s all-in-one nutritional shakes come in vanilla Chai, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavor, and they are 100% plant based.

These products definitely helped me shake my smoothie rut, however, the post workout soreness is still another story!

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