Bright Eyes – Citrus and Ginger Juice Recipe

Bright Eyes - Citrus and Ginger Juice RecipeI often wax poetic about my love for citrus fruit – lemons in particular. What’s not to love? They provide a characteristic zest to any drink, among many other tasty attributes. But besides being zesty, they are amazing for our bodies, too.

Lemon juice is renowned for being a potent liver tonic, wielding the power to battle liver putrefaction. But with all this buzz about lemons, one wonders, what about the others in the citrus dynasty?

Some notable citrus fruits!

Clementines are a favorite of mine for a great many reasons. Not only are they cute to look at, but when it comes to juicing, they make life a breeze. These thin-skinned citrus gems can be put through the juicer without peeling – that’s right - WITHOUT PEELING!

This gets me all sorts of excited because, as of late, life has been busy as ever- time and speed are of the essence around here!

When carrots are combined with clementines, something amazing happens. The delicate orange-y sweetness of the clementines blends perfectly with the sweetness brought forth by the carrots, making for a vibrant and intensely-flavored combination that is packed with vitamin A.

You already know that Vitamin A is crucial in the health of our eyes. And of course this drink boasts an enviable amount of vitamin C which gives the body a welcomed immunity boost.

To take the zest factor up another level, peel and slice some fresh root ginger and put through the juicer with the clementines and carrots. This juice, with it’s smooth sass, will make waking up in the morning completely worth it!

Bright Eyes

Makes 2 glasses

  • 7 oz carrots
  • 6 clementines, washed well
  • ice cubes
  • 2 inch fresh ginger (optional)

Scrub the carrots, and chop them into large chunks. Quarter the clementines and discard pips. Push the clementines, then the carrots through the juicer. If you add ginger, put it through in between the clementines and the carrots. Serve immediately over ice.

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