Blending vs. Juicing: The Showdown

Blending vs. Juicing: The Showdown

Blend 'em up or juice 'em down?

To blend or to juice? - that is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to chug a frosty glass of sweet green nectar, or to slurp up a creamy concoction with a spoon…ahem.

You get the point. Personally, we’re big proponents of the blend and juice theory (otherwise known as “get your greens whenever you can, however you can”), but if you’ve ever vacillated between the two, you know that each version has its pros and cons. So we’re here to help you decide.

There’s no right answer—it all comes down to what you want out of your veggies.

Juicing: It’s all about VOLUME

The biggest pro of juicing is that it enables you to get a ton of nutrients, fast. Are you planning to sit down and eat a head of kale, a plate of spinach, a couple of carrots, and a pear? Of course not—but with juicing, you can drink it all up in mere seconds.

Juicing reduces fruits and veggies to pure, liquid nutrients — no fiber involved. Basically, juicing does the chewing for you, so all the vitamins are delivered into your system much faster than they would be if you gnawed on a stalk of celery.

If you’re sick, or have a sensitive digestive system, juicing is especially beneficial, since your body doesn’t have to work hard to get a huge rush of nutrients. Of course, you have to be careful—pure fruit juice can make your blood sugar levels go wild. Add plenty of vegetables to your juices to avoid a spike in blood sugar.

Blending: It’s all about FIBER

When you blend a stalk of kale, all of the plant’s valuable fiber is still contained in the smoothie. The high fiber content of a green smoothie is part of why it’ll keep you much fuller than a glass of juice.

The blending action destroys the cell walls of fruits and veggies, making them easy for your system to digest, but the presence of fiber helps your body regulate your blood sugar levels. If you’re looking to replace a meal with something green, a smoothie is your best bet.

And let’s not forget that smoothies give you the option to add fancy, non-veggie ingredients like hemp, flax, or chia seeds.

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