Bio-Magnetic Technology Explained

First, let me say that I’m not sure if I believe the hype on this stuff…but I have had many people ask how this really works so I figured…”Hmmm…why not blog it!”.  This technology is implemented in the Green Star Twin Gear Juicer.  I have tried to research it more as far as studies but was not able to really come up with anything.  Anyway, here is my dissertation on it!   It was like writing a really short college essay.  ENJOY!

Bio-magnetic content and special magnets within the gears of the twin-gear design supply positive ionization to the minerals of the fruits and vegetables which prolongs the freshness of your juices, therefore delaying oxidation for up to 48 hours! You can then store your healthy juice drinks for later enjoyment without fear of vital nutrients being depleted.

Biomagnetic technology explained:

· Inside each gear mechanism is a section of magnets in series side by side. The magnets alternate positive and negative charges. With the twin gears’ side by side design they work together to produce a positive charge which keeps your juice fresh and lively for much longer periods than usual.

· The next level inside the magnetic assembly consists of special bio-ceramic particles protected by a stainless steel housing. Intense infrared technology creates bio-ceramic activity which then gives off positive ions.

· The magnetic assembly in the GS-1000 along with the bio-ceramic material work together like a team recharging each other continually.

· When the twin gears of the machine turn together, the magnet fields and bio-ceramic activity steadily produce the positive ions which are retained within your juice.

· The addition of these ions gives juices a longer life by helping to preserve vital minerals and nutrients.

· This constant activity reduces oxidation and retains the freshness!

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Enjoy and Be Well,

Juicy Josh

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