Bee Pollen-The Perfect Post-Workout Smoothie Additive

Bee Pollen- The Perfect FoodWell its official – it’s winter- at least where I am. In my neck of the woods, if we make it to Halloween without any snow, we consider ourselves to be rather lucky. And although the snow hasn’t poured in yet, the forecast calls for it to happen sometime this weekend.

With the rise of winter temperatures I always find myself far more motivated to exercise, due in no small part to the fact that there is always less to do. But also because winter is when a sedentary lifestyle really begins to show.

Holing up inside with thick soups and stews can wreak havoc on the waistline. One winter I gained 10 lbs without even realizing it, and it wasn’t until spring when I noticed that several of my warm weather clothes wouldn’t fasten.

Pump it up!

So needless to say I am working out a lot at the moment by taking brisk walks, doing hot yoga and hitting the gym for strength training. It feels good to prioritize exercise because, let’s be honest, in the summer there are far better things to do than go to the gym.

Nutrition becomes even more important when exercising the amount that I am since food is the fuel that keeps everything running smoothly. I find after a particularly hard work out that I need rejuvenation and I need it fast. I also noticed that I’m extremely tired the following day. So I did some research and discovered bee pollen.

Nutritional benefits of bee pollen

Bee pollen offers an array of possible health benefits, and studies have shown that when taken regularly Bee Pollens can help increase your energy levels, stamina and immunity. It comes in several forms – as granules, extract, and in capsules.

Due to its easy absorption, the benefits of bee pollen become apparent very quickly. Bee pollen also contains Lecithin which has been shown to remove fat storage from the body and stimulate metabolism. It also helps in the absorption of nutrients in the digestive process.

I started putting bee pollen granules in my post workout smoothies and I immediately noticed improved energy levels. I didn’t have the post workout slump I was getting used to, and I was no longer waking up groggy. And the light floral flavor of bee pollen melds seamlessly into any fruit smoothie.

In short – bee pollen is the perfect accompaniment to every workout!

You can find bee pollen in the refrigerator section of most health food stores, but I will warn you, it’s not cheap. A 400 gram bag cost me $25.00. But seeing as I am using it in tablespoon increments, it should last a long time. And honestly, can you put a price on vitality?

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