Awesome Homemade Facial Scrubs

Awesome Homemade Facial ScrubsWhether your face is looking dull from a long winter under fluorescent lights, or your elbows are scaly from too many wool sweaters, there’s an exfoliating scrub out there that promises to fix it.

But not everybody is ready to drop major bucks on something that will be rinsed down the drain thirty seconds later. Thankfully, there are plenty of cheap, effective options to help you get back your glow. DIY scrubs are incredibly easy to make, and you probably have the ingredients in your kitchen right now.

Hey, Sugar

The sweetest ingredient ever also functions as a luscious, dirt-cheap exfoliating product. To make your own sugar scrub, just mix two parts sugar with one part olive oil or sweet almond oil.

Oily skin? Substitute your favorite facial cleanser for the oil. Sensitive-skinned folks should add a spoonful of moisturizing honey. If you’re a fan of essential oils, add a few drops of your favorite. Tea tree is great for acne; lavender is great for calming and soothing skin. For a dreamy scent, splash in a few drops of vanilla extract. Wash your face with warm water, and exfoliate with gentle, circular motions.

Get Salty

Get rid of dead skin cells with the ultimate Dead Sea mineral: salt. The proportions are exactly the same as the sugar scrub recipe, although you’ll want to make more of this scrub, since you can use this all over your body (just avoid the more sensitive skin of your face). Mix two parts sea salt with one part of your favorite oil. Squeeze in a teaspoon or two of lemon juice if you want to wake up in the shower. Sensitive skin can counteract the acidity of lemon by adding a spoonful of honey.

Mini Microdermabrasion

Don’t have hundreds to drop on spa microdermabrasion treatments? Give yourself an at-home exfoliation with pure baking soda. Mix 1 to 2 tbsp. of baking soda with enough water to form a paste. As always, sensitive or dry skins can add half a teaspoon of honey or extra virgin olive oil. Massage the paste into clean, damp skin with a circular motion; a slight stinging sensation is normal. Rinse carefully and moisturize well.

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