Avocado for Breakfast? Yes, Please!

Avocado for Breakfast? Yes, Please!You already know that breakfast is the most important meal of your day, so why are you polishing off a doughnut along with that Venti cup of coffee? (Okay, no judgment—we’ve been there, too.)

If the thought of green things in the morning turns your stomach, these delicious, avocado-filled recipes might change your mind.  Avocados are creamy, sweet, heart-healthy, and full of good-for-you, anti-inflammatory fats.

They’re also loaded with fiber, vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, vitamins B5 and B6, and potassium. And these recipes? The ingredients list is short, the process is simple, and they’ll get your day started off on the right foot. Promise.

Basic Avocado Toast

This is one of the simplest meals you can make, and you’ll be shocked at how delicious it is! Toast two slices of good bread. While the bread is toasting, slice up an avocado. Place the slices on the toast, mash slightly with a fork, drizzle with olive oil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Yum.

Spicy Tomato Avocado Toast

Make a few slices of Basic Avocado Toast, and top with sliced grape tomatoes, a squeeze of lime, and red pepper flakes.

 Avocado Smoothie

Craving something sweet and cool for muggy mornings? Freaked out by the thought of a blended avocado? (It might make you feel better to know that avocado is technically a fruit—also known as the “butter pear.”) This 3-ingredient smoothie is sweet and creamy enough to convince the most hardened avocado-skeptic.

Blend one avocado with a handful of ice cubes and a cup of milk (regular, rice, almond, soy, etc.). Sweeten with a generous drizzle of agave or honey. You could also use  condensed milk, like they do in Vietnam, which will make it extra sweet and thick.

 Scrambled Eggs + Avocado

Scramble your eggs until they’re beginning to set, but still soft. Toss in a cubed avocado and stir until the avocado is warm and the eggs are cooked. Top with diced herbs, if you have any (a sprinkle of cheese wouldn’t hurt, either.)

 Leftover Breakfast Burrito

If you have any of the following lying around your kitchen, turn that Scrambled Eggs + Avocado recipe into a simple breakfast burrito:

  • tortillas
  • cooked black, red, or pinto beans
  • cooked rice
  • shredded cheese or queso fresco
  • red or green pepper
  • onion
  • fresh tomatoes
  • salsa

Briefly warm the tortilla in the microwave or oven. Add the scrambled eggs (with avocado), and top with whatever you like. Roll up the tortilla and dive in!

photo attribute: thekitchn.com

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