Alternate Uses for Your Juicer #1: Nut Butter

Alternate Uses for Your Juicer #1: Nut ButterDid you know that you can use your juicer for all sorts of different things other than, well, juice? In this series, we’ll walk you through all the awesome things you can do with your juicer (and if you’re looking for a reason to purchase a juicer, maybe this will be the inspiration you need!). First up: nut butters.

If you own a masticating juicer–check your juicer’s instructions to see if it has a ‘homogenizing’ function–you can make incredibly creamy nut butters with almost no effort at all (unfortunately, centrifugal juicers can’t make nut butters). Honestly, it’s as easy as pouring nuts into the funnel and watching the nut butter come out the other end. When you make your own nut butters, you get the freshest and most natural nut butter possible, because you control every ingredient. Most store-bought nut butters are packed with sweeteners, and the really good ones are also really expensive.

Here’s a simple guide to churning up some nut butter of your very own:

1. Get out your ‘homogenizing blank.’ That’s just a fancy word for the blank piece that replaces your juicer’s screen. When you’re making juice, the juice comes out through the screen, and the pulp is pushed out through the end, right? The homogenizing blank makes it so nothing is pushed out through the screen area–everything comes out the end. Insert the blank into your juicer.

2. Roast your nuts (optional). Skip this step if you’re making raw nut butter. A quick roast in the oven will bring out the flavor of your nuts, but watch them carefully–they burn easily!

3. Put a bowl in place to catch the butter, and start to pour the nuts through the juicer. Feed them through slowly for a smooth, creamy butter; feed them through faster for a chunkier butter. If the end result isn’t creamy enough for you, run the whole mass through the juicer one or two more times.

Note: Peanuts have enough natural oil to create a smooth butter on their own, but other nuts are drier and may benefit from a drizzle of coconut oil (or some other neutral-flavored oil).

Note #2: Go crazy with add-ins: cinnamon, cayenne, nutmeg, cocoa powder, honey, coffee beans, etc. And who says you have to grind one type of nut at a time? We like a delicious blend of toasted pecans + almonds + sunflower seeds with a healthy sprinkle of cinnamon, a glob of honey, a few scoops of coconut oil, and a large spoon.

4. Store in the refrigerator for optimal freshness.


Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of and copyright Free Range Stock,; photo by photographer Aleksandar Momirovic


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