All Natural Ways to Curb Your Appetite

All Natural Ways to Curb Your Appetite The biggest complaint that I hear from those who are trying to lose weight is: “BUT I’M SO HUNGRY!!!!”

Belly grumblings are miserable. And nagging. And constant. And they nudge us in the wrong direction while we’re watching our waist line.

Here are some simple, inexpensive and all natural tricks to cub cravings and suppress your appetite!

Drink Water

Most people aren’t drinking their daily required amounts of water and when your tummy growls, chances are you’re actually THIRSTY – not hungry. Have a drink of water and wait 5 minutes to reassess your hunger pains. A tip for eating less at a meal is drink 8oz of water (or green tea!) 20 minutes before chow time. You’ll feel fuller from the fluid and consume less food.

Green Tea

Green tea contains antioxidants that affect the hormone leptin (which controls your appetite).  It doesn’t matter if your tea is hot or cold, so try and enjoy a couple glasses a day!

Ruby Red Grapefruit

Have you ever noticed that ballerinas eat grapefruit? OK, that might be a stereotype (one that I’d take as a compliment if I were a ballerina!), but eating a Ruby Red Grapefruit can actually cut down on the tummy rumblings. As an extra bonus, grapefruit is a low-sugar fruit!

The scent of Vanilla

Cravings sweets? Then enjoy a big whiff of vanilla. Seriously. Through this scent alone your sweet craving can be satisfied.


This nutrient is so important, it should be a part of your daily diet. Omega-3’s increase your blood levels of lepitn, which is the appetite suppressing hormone.

Eat from a blue plate

Did you just say, “Huh”? Yeah, me too when I first heard this. But research shows that the color blue is a natural appetite suppressant (avoid red, orange and yellow!)

Enjoy Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate that has at least 70% cocoa does your body good! Steric acid content in dark chocolate will help slow down digestion (making you feel fuller longer) and the bitter taste signals your body to decrease your appetite. If you ever needed an excuse to eat chocolate, there you go.

Spice it up

According to the European Journal of Nutrition, capsaicin – a spice in chili peppers and hot sauce – lowers the bad hormone ghrelin and raises the good hormone GLP-1. In other words, you’re not hungry anymore. So next time you’re out for happy hour, go for the spicy appetizers!


Scientists have found that if you get eight hours of sleep at night, you will have higher levels of leptin (the appetite curbing hormone) and lower levels of ghrelin (the hunger hormone that kills our waist line!).

Seaweed Smoothie

Algae, which are derived from seaweed, can help suppress your appetite when consumed in liquid form. Dutch scientists discovered that when the algae enters your stomach, it turns into gel which shows down digestion and mimics eating a solid food. Try adding algae into your next smoothie and drink it first thing in the morning!

What are your favorite appetite curbing tricks? Let me know in a comment below.

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