A Juice to Fight the Common Cold

A Juice to Fight the Common ColdWe’ve sent men to the moon. We’ve nearly eradicated polio. We’ve written (and read) “The Great Gatsby.” We’ve seen Meryl Streep get more Oscars than she can hold in both hands.

Even with all this incredible human achievement floating around, it’s crazy–but a it’s fact–we still don’t have a cure for the common cold.

While scientists scramble to figure that one out, you’re probably blowing your nose, coughing up a lung, and surfing the Web for sweet relief. Nurture your weakened immune system and tired body with a glass full of pure nutrition in the form of citrus- and vegetable-heavy juice. When you’re sick, it’s best to take it easy (so that your body can dedicate maximum energy to getting well), and juice is so easily digestible that it’s gentle on your overtaxed systems. (This is not the time to indulge in super heavy meals, like steak and potatoes.)

Tip: Start guzzling juice at the first sign of cold symptoms. Your best bet is to nip the virus in the bud.

You may be in the habit of spiking your green juice with lemon and ginger for flavor reasons, but this time, we’re really going to amp up the dosage on both. Lemon juice is an amazing source of vitamin C, which is just what your system needs to recover. Spicy-sweet ginger is a traditional cold and flu remedy–it’ll make your stomach feel better and warm you up from the inside. Pair these cold-fighters with cayenne pepper, which gets its heat from capsaicin, a substance that relieves pain and helps to drain nasal passages. When these three powerful ingredients are paired with the blast of nutrients from a traditional green juice, you’ve got yourself something that looks an awful lot like a cure.

Ultimate Cold-Fighting Spicy Green Juice

* Makes two glasses

2 handfuls spinach
1 handful kale
2 carrots
1 apple, pair, or other sweet fruit
3-4 lemons, to taste
2-3 inches of peeled fresh ginger, to taste
Powdered cayenne pepper, to taste

Wash all produce. Alternate juicing the first four veggies and fruits with the lemons and peeled ginger. Pour into 2 glasses (save one for later if you want) and season with cayenne: a sprinkle on top for sensitive palates, 1-2 teaspoons for those who like a kick.

As you drink this, you should be able to feel your nasal passages clearing and your mood lifting (weirdly enough, capsaicin can actually make you feel more cheerful!). Follow with a warm cup of echinacea tea, and crawl back into bed.

 photo attribute: Sebastian Smit


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