A Juice To Cure A Hangover

As I write this, it’s Sunday, the day after Saturday- the same night I decided to let loose. We have all been here, in pain and nursing a hangover after a long week and the resulting boozy binge. The first drink went down ever so smoothly, and because the first was so delicious, I had another; but before I knew it, I’d had too many. Now it’s Sunday, and holy alcohol Batman, I feel like garbage. Today is the complete antithesis to the good times that last night proved to be.

And although I feel like curling up into a ball or crawling into a hole somewhere, I’ve instead decided to make juice. There are so many hangover cures out there that promise to stop the pain of self-inflicted maladies, but I’m results driven and therefore have no interest in witch hazel or hair of the dog.

Sadly, I have been here before, hating myself while cursing the liquid devil. I too have been disappointed by false claims. I’ll have you know it’s  quite the let down feeling absolutely no relief after having downed a full glass of swill. So despite how I feel, I am determined to find the solution to feeling better.

And my friends, I believe I have found it. And it’s ever so simple – carrots, blueberries and orange juice…so fresh, sweet and perfect in every way! This juice is nutrient rich, to replenish my weekend weary body and sweet, to wake up my dulled taste buds. Like I said, perfect in every way.

Drink this over ice with 2 Advil; follow with a cup of water and you will feel better!

berry juice will cure a hangover

The Juice Cure To A Hangover

  • 6 large carrots
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 2 oranges

Juice fruits according to your juicer and shake over ice.

Consider using the Breville Juice Fountain (this is what I use…it’s quick and easy)

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    Ive found that detox water after a long nite of drinking helps hangovers. Lemon, lime, and cucumber water afterwards