A Juice on the Run – Oranges, Pears, and Yams

Trail Runner’s ‘Tea’

  • 2-3 oranges
  • 1-2 hard pears
  • 1 small sweet potato/yam
  • Crushed ice

Recently I became a trail runner. It’s a bit of a surprise because running was never something I ever considered part of my work out. I’ve been an avid hiker for years, and then one day on the trail, I just broke into a run and kept on going.

Running a trail requires more energy, power, and focus than simply hiking it. It takes a ton of knowledge about everything from how to place my next step on the trail to not only stay upright but also to remain in good alignment, to feeding my body before and after this fun work out.

The Trail Runner’s Tea is designed specifically for energetic boost for the run and for the health-promoting qualities of the individual ingredients.

In particular, the orange offers specific protection for our cardiovascular systems – keeping our heart pumping and in good working order keeps us healthy, fit, and strong.

Specific Health Benefits of the Orange

A report released in December 2003 by the Australian research group, CSIRO, reported that a diet high in citrus fruits, with a special attention to oranges, keeps our cardio system in the clean.

The nutrients in oranges such as folate and potassium lowers the risk for cancers and other anomalies as well as lowering blood pressure. Citrus fruits protect against stroke and cardiac arrhythmias. And of course, the ever present Vitamin C that appears in citrus provides antioxidant protection of the first order.

A U.S. study showed that adding one orange a day reduced the risk of stroke by up to 19%. The consumption of oranges also assists in the relief of arthritis, diabetes, gallstones, and cognitive impairment.

The orange has over 170 phytonutrients – creating a combination package of health promoting power. It also has over 60 flavonoids, which add anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor power. The combination is hard to beat with it comes to nutrition.

Oranges are attributed to healthier lung function. That’s something we all need when out trail running (or “insert cardio activity here”)!

Respiratory health is vital for any active individual. Oranges are rich in beta-cryptoxanthin, a carotenoid of orange-red color. Fruits and vegetables of this color (including pumpkin, papaya, red bell peppers, tangerines, and peaches) offer specific lung protection.

Oranges help protect against free-radicals that may adversely affect your breathing power to help keep you running free and breath easy.

To read more about the power of the orange, check out that article. Here’s an article on the nutritional benefits of pears, and for those who already miss Thanksgiving, here’s an article all about sweet potatoes.

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