A Few Handy Juicing Reminders

A Few Handy Juicing Reminders

Whether you’re a juicing neophyte or a seasoned pro, everyone can use a little reminder now and then. And with the holiday season in full swing (that means booze, sugar, and lots of cheese), what better time to go over a few basic juicing tips? File this under In Case You Forgot…

Juice organic

Yes, it’s more expensive, blah blah blah. But do you really want chemicals and weird fruit and veggie sprays absorbing into your systems along with all that fresh kale? Nope. Cut back on a latte or post-gym powerbar–it’s worth it.

Avoid too much pure fruit juice

It tastes delicious and sweet because it’s full of sugar. Sure, it’s not like you’re drinking dreaded high-fructose corn syrup, but pure fruit juice can cause your blood sugar to spike. Tone it down with kale, spinach, or carrots.

Be gentle

Darker vegetables, like beets and kale, can upset your stomach if you’re not used to them. If you’re new to juicing, or have a sensitive stomach, juice mainly apples, carrots, cucumbers, lettuces, and celery, adding the darker-colored veggies as you’re ready.

Add ginger and lemon

It zings up any juice concoction, and they’re both great for you.

Drink immediately

Fresh juice is the best juice! The juice can get more sugary if you let it sit, and some of the green can start to go brown around the edges. However, if you absolutely can’t drink it right away, don’t stress. It’s still good for you, whenever you chug it down.

Make it a morning ritual

Getting a fresh glass of juice into your system first thing means that there’s no other food in your stomach to interfere with its digestion. The rush of nutrients can be a better buzz than coffee. Instead of viewing juicing as a chore, take time each morning to carefully prepare your juice, thinking of it as a beneficial ritual that you’re performing for your very own body.

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  • http://bestforjuicing.com/ Denise Jones

    Thanks for posting these handy juicing tips! Another great tip is to put a plastic grocery bag in your pulp container. That way you don’t have to wash it out. It’s just saves a bit of time on cleanup!

    I just tweeted this out to my followers so you may get a few hits to this page!

    • Andrew

      Love it!!!!!! Good tip. Thanks for reading!!