5 Steps To Smoothie Success

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It’s no secret that smoothies are pretty commonplace around here, and as my excitement for blended drinks leaps off the screen through my words, I find it hard to contain!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love smoothies because they lend themselves so well to nutrition. I pack mine full of fruits and vegetables, so getting my recommended daily requirements of vitamins and minerals is a cinch.

Smoothie making isn’t rocket science, but here are a few simple rules that can help you make the best smoothie possible.

  • Every green smoothie (check out this broccoli and grapes smoothie, for example) needs a fruit to balance it out. This is especially crucial for the green smoothie newbie. There is nothing more off putting than the thought of drinking cold vegetables.
  • Ensure the consistency of your smoothie is creamy by varying frozen and fresh ingredients. I prefer a 50/50 ratio of fresh to frozen ingredients. Otherwise the smoothie is too thick or too thin, and nobody, especially me, wants to consume a smoothie that’s more like chunky juice.
  • Hold the ice. If you adhere to step number two, you won’t need the ice for consistency. Plus when the ice melts, it leaves a watery mess that is just plain yuck. So trust me when I say hold the ice.
  • Balance the water. Too much juice and you will face a sugar high. On the contrary, if you use too much water, it might not be palatable. You will find some schools of thought that say a healthy smoothie doesn’t contain juice, but I like to enjoy my smoothie, not wince as I gulp it back as quickly as possible.
  • Get the perfect ratio. I find a ratio of 1 part juice to 3 parts water or milk makes for a wonderfully flavored smoothie. However if my smoothie is loaded with vegetables, I prefer a ratio of 1 part juice to 1 part water.

Smoothies aren’t just for fruit and vegetables. With the addition of chia seeds, oat bran, wheat germ or flax, smoothies can be a complete and filling meal, not to mention a fiber dynamo. If it can be blended, it can go in a smoothie.

Smoothies are a completely bespoke creation that you can tailor to your moods or dietary needs. You are the author of your own smoothie, so don’t be afraid to experiment – and soon enough you’ll be a smoothie enthusiast just like me!

What are your best tips for creating the perfect smoothie? Share with a comment!

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