2 Weeks to Red Carpet Ready, Acne-Free skin!

2 Weeks to Red Carpet Ready, Acne-Free skin!  One of the nicest compliments I love to get is on my skin. When someone looks at my face and says “Your skin looks fabulous” they don’t just make my day, they make my year. Seriously.

Why? Well #1 – because I’m an adult in my early 30’s and I still suffer from acne (so frustrating…there should be a support group for us!) Which leads to #2, I work HARD to achieve clear skin, so it’s nice to have it noticed.

I learned my tricks of the trade from my make-up artist who dolled me up for my wedding. I was skeptical at how simple these little tips would fare, but THEY WORKED. I love that they’re all natural and easy to remember, too.

Without further adu, I give you – two weeks to acne-free skin!

Start with lemon water

If you haven’t heard about lemon water yet, then here you go. This is actually the BIGGEST thing you can do to not only clear up your face, but help out your body in general.

First thing in the morning (and I mean very first thing!) warm 8oz of water. It doesn’t need to be boiling hot, just warm (because you’re going to want to drink it fast, not slowly like tea). Squeeze in half a lemon. If your lemons are small, then use a whole one. Stir it up and drink it up.

The Reader’s Digest version of why lemon water is so important is that it cleans out toxins from your body (toxins lead to acne). If you want to break things down further, it helps your kidneys function properly, which takes some work off your liver, helping your liver function properly. It gets your digestive enzymes flowing, which aides with bloating, headaches, heartburn, etc.

You should make lemon water a DAILY part of your life.

No red meat and no cow’s milk (including chocolate!)

Hormones and added antibiotics in our proteins (like chicken) build up in our systems and that leads to acne. Horomones are especially present in red meat and cow’s milk.

Even though it is easy to find mil these days without added hormones, dermatologists have found that your intake of foods that have a high glycemic load (like cow’s milk) influences acne. Give yourself a week to clear your skin.

Limit caffeine; absolutely NO soda

By saying limit caffeine, I’m really saying “don’t have any at all”. Sorry. Trust me, I feel your pain – as a mom, this is brutal. Having said that, the same is extended for soda. The chemicals in soda along with the sugar (which increases your insulin, which increases a growth hormone found in acne), combined with the caffeine, can add to your acne.

Give yourself two weeks soda-free time if you have a big event coming up.

Enjoy omega-3’s.

Omega 3 fatty acids help prevent acne and lubricate the skin. Good sources are salmon and walnuts. I take fish oil daily.

Share your favorite acne- free tips by leaving a comment below!

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  • Limyiliang1997

    Can this really works .? :)

  • Limyiliang1997

    Please help me :( I really dunno what to do in order to get a clear skin :( I have tried many steps but they don’t works :(