BlendTec Blender - Model HP3A Home Blender (Multiple Colors Available!)

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The BlendTec HP3 is a powerful home blender with 25 different cycle options. You can use these various options for way more than simple blending|| including sauce making and babyfood making. Pick your color! >>Read Full Description

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The BlendTec Blender - Multiple Colors - Choose your Color!

This is a blender that can simply handle anything you throw at it just like the well known VitaMix which 877MyJuicer carries as well. However this blender beats out the VitaMix in the sized motor wattage and with its programmable blend cycles (25 pre-programmed) its pretty darn cool! It is quick fast and efficient. Unlike its counterpart, the BlendTec Blender will also fits underneath the counter for easy storage Now with a new 64 Ounce  BPA-Free Jar !  Also comes with a 7-Year Warranty!

While the cost on this blender is pretty high we feel that after you have used a regular blender and then a BlendTec you are guaranteed to see the difference! We stand behind that claim with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

This comes with an impressive recipe book which definitely adds part of the value to this unit.

While the design seems simple the functions are impressive:

  • Make countless amounts of beverages!

  • Make an amazing array of soups that actually steam!

  • Make sauces and dips/sauces!

  • Make baby foods/purees!

  • Make dressings!

  • Make desserts!

  • Make ice cream!

  • Make juices!

  • Make nut butters!

  • Grind seeds|| nuts and more!

  • 7-Year Warranty!


The NEW design features new lids where you no longer have to remove the lid to add items! The new lid also provides added protection when making soups which expand the air inside the blender jar

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Product Features

  • Heavy duty 3+ Peak Horse Power 1500 Watt motor
  • Patented Blades
  • Clear non-toxic BPA-Free container
  • Thermally protected motor
  • Comes with lid
  • Comes with a GREAT recipe book
  • Fits underneath almost any counter
  • Lightweight
  • 7-Year Warranty

BlendTec Blender - Model HP3A Home Blender (Multiple Colors Available!) Reviews

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Worthwhile investment -- use it every single day Review by Smitten with smoothies
I've had my Blendtec for 5 years now, and I feel like it has more than paid for itself, not just in usage, but more importantly, the health benefit. I paid $400 for it that long ago. Decided to write this review as family members are looking to copy me and drink green smoothies for breakfast daily, so linking them to this site to get some pricing.

So here is my long-term usage: I'm up to 3,606. When you turn it on, it shows your count, and I like the positive reinforcement. Only 1% of the time some bigger food pieces get lodged when I put in a lot of stuff, and need to re-run it after re-positioning. The motor sounds the same after all of this time. When I bought mine it said 7 yr warranty and looks like it won't be problem getting there.

I have purchased one new carafe separately since my original purchase. If you blend a lot of acidic items such as limes, lemons, grapefruit, oranges, tomatoes, then I recommend that you immediately pour out the entire contents (I use two drinking containers) and rinse the carafe quickly before indulging in your meal. Over time, the acid wears away at the finish of the blade and it looks tarnished. It still works fine, just doesn't look good. I was trying to save washing another dirty container, but discovered it wasn't worth it.

if you are considering the Blendtec, then you are also comparing the competing VitaMix. I had one day's experience with the VitaMix at a raw food class. After doing a lot of on-line research, I decided to go with the Blendtec. I don't know what it is now, but at the time, the Blendtec had a better warranty and more horsepower (for longevity.) From a usage standpoint, I like just hitting a button once and it runs and shuts off automatically. For me, I've only made smoothies and humus in it, so I've never needed to change from the "smoothie program" which has four different length times. And it still has a fifth option to hit the "P" for pulse and to manually hold it down for as little or long as I want to go. The only other variable was the height of the machine. The VitaMix was taller, and glad that my Blendtec fits underneath my upper cabinet (my upper cabinet has 17.5" clearance from counter to the bottom of the upper cabinet.) But be sure to verify the current models. The VitaMix worked nicely in class and it seems a lot of people are happy with it, I just like the additional advantages to the Blendtec.

The only negative I can say about it is the sound level. It is extremely noisy, and you really need to plug your ears or else you'll do real damage over time. I have to tell everyone in the family when I'm ready to start it up so they have their ears plugged! Nothing is perfect . . .
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Does so much Review by Tami
I am so in love with this blender. Our family started drinking green smoohies a few months ago and with our cheap blender and they were pretty good. Once I knew this was going to be a habit I purchased the Blend Tec and the smoothies are 100x better. I use the blender every day; sometimes twice. I have used it to mix baking ingredients and love the recipes it comes with. This is a must buy!

I wanted a heavy-duty blender to make vegetable and fruit juices, and this baby fit the bill. Yes, it is terribly loud, but it really works, and it's super easy to clean. I've been using it daily and feeling good about the impact it's having on my health.

I've repeatedly tried to dramatically increase my consumption of raw fruits and greens with little success. It is extremely difficult to chew large quantities of produce. Blended food is the answer. I have prepared all manner of concoctions using the Blentec blender The Blendtec works as advertised. My drinks, smoothies and sauces are blended to smooth perfection in a remarkably short period of time. I definitely recommend getting the 96 oz container. I prepare food for one, sometimes two, and find the larger size to be perfect. The container is also very easy to clean. The product is expensive, but it works very, very well. I use it several times a day. Think of it this way: instead of cooking your food on a stove or in an oven, you are processing the food in a blender. You are essentially cooking without heat.
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much-needed vegetables Review by Katrina
I was advised by my doctor to dramatically increase my veg and fruit consumption due to an auto-immune disorder. My existing blender, while perfectly okay for most things, could not produce a raw whole food smoothie that didn't require chewing. Chewing your juice is just wrong! I purchased this blender hoping to solve the deal breaking chewing issue. I couldn't be happier with this machine.

Here are a few of my favorite things about it:

1. It is able to fit on my counter under my upper cabinets (something VitaMix can't do)

2. The "blade" inside isn't sharp, at all, making cleanup a snap since you don't have to be very careful.

3. Preprogrammed buttons for the most popular tasks make it very simple to hit a button and let it do its thing.

4. You don't have to hold onto the machine, the pitcher, or the lid while it works it's way quickly through pretty much whatever you put in it.

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Getting healthy! Review by Duncan
I got this one month ago. I have used it every day, usually two or three times. I have been intrigued by the ideas of the green smoothies for some time and have extensively researched blender options. I chose the Blendtec over the VitaMix because of the lower height of the machine, and the computerized blending options.

It was expensive, and my wife was not thrilled at first, but she is a believer now. I put it to her this way: I know I'll continue to use this because every morning I get to drink something that gives me as much satisfaction as a large Dairy Queen banana shake, but with the benefit of being healthy!

I dropped 17 pounds this month and know that more is on the way. You probably can't go wrong with either this or the VitaMix, but I can tell you with certainty that I'm very pleased with this choice!

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Wow Review by Lora
Well... I didn't read the instructions before first use. I used the pulse button to make the first green smoothie. I thought the blender was good.

Then I sat down and read the manual. The next day, I used the smoothie button (preprogrammed to button 2). It started out innocently enough, speeding up and slowing down to let the mixture settle down, it kicked up a notch or two on the last 10 seconds of the countdown, then at the 5 second remaining mark, good lord! It ramped up to maximum rpm. Make sure the lid is on tight because everything in there may leap out. Wow.
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blending newbie Review by Ted Wiloch
Blendtec blenders are absolutely satisfying. I am happy that I made my purchase. Since getting it, I am more excited about eating healthy meals. I make my famous morning smoothies every morning, and I usually make a green smoothie in the evening. The performance has been outstanding, and I am still learning more and more about the product. I am just getting started!

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Really too much Review by Kristen
I was impressed with the Blendtec's power, but it fell short of my expectations in versatility. It works great for smoothies and juices which is the main reason we bought it, but when I've tried using it for something like mayonnaise I could find no suitable setting. Even on the lowest speed setting the Blendtec only pulsates. When trying to chop up mushrooms or other veggies I found that the pulse setting doesn't have a fast enough burst and when it does get going the speed is so fast that everything just ends up pureed. When I need a more gentle touch I have to pull out my old blender. It would be nice if the Blendtec had a few simple manual options. I would chose a Vitamix if I had to do it over again. I prefer simplicity.
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amazing Review by Rene
My wife and I (especially her) have been waiting for a while to get a really nice blender, and this does not disappoint! It works just as it says it does. Everything is blended perfectly, the interface is easy to use, the lid stays put. We made strawberry daiquiris the first night. You couldn't even feel the seeds-- the frozen strawberries were just demolished in a matter of seconds. It has been awesome!

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very good blender Review by Greg Cromar
This did blend well, but it has too many shortcomings to be better than my Vitamix. I returned it after a few weeks of using it. I figured most people looking at this machine are between the Vitamix and the Blendtec. I talked my parents into getting one (they love it too), and I am now getting one for my daughter in college (she's excited, because she misses mine). My Vitamix will do nut butters, raw ice cream, green smoothies, soups, and on and on. I truly love it.

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One of the best blenders Review by Hideo
My friend and I both purchased this unit because it has 3 hp. I started blending juice the day I received my unit. It chopped and blend everything without any problem. The container is very easy to clean. I just rinse it with water and let it air dry. My father was impressed the fact that the center spinning connecting shaft is metallic and not cheap plastic. That means the blender will not worn down and will last a long time.
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