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BlendTec Blender - Model HP3A Home Blender (Multiple Colors Available!)

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BlendTec Blender - Model HP3A Home Blender (Multiple Colors Available!)

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Product Review (submitted on November 20, 2012):
I've had my Blendtec for 5 years now, and I feel like it has more than paid for itself, not just in usage, but more importantly, the health benefit. I paid $400 for it that long ago. Decided to write this review as family members are looking to copy me and drink green smoothies for breakfast daily, so linking them to this site to get some pricing.

So here is my long-term usage: I'm up to 3,606. When you turn it on, it shows your count, and I like the positive reinforcement. Only 1% of the time some bigger food pieces get lodged when I put in a lot of stuff, and need to re-run it after re-positioning. The motor sounds the same after all of this time. When I bought mine it said 7 yr warranty and looks like it won't be problem getting there.

I have purchased one new carafe separately since my original purchase. If you blend a lot of acidic items such as limes, lemons, grapefruit, oranges, tomatoes, then I recommend that you immediately pour out the entire contents (I use two drinking containers) and rinse the carafe quickly before indulging in your meal. Over time, the acid wears away at the finish of the blade and it looks tarnished. It still works fine, just doesn't look good. I was trying to save washing another dirty container, but discovered it wasn't worth it.

if you are considering the Blendtec, then you are also comparing the competing VitaMix. I had one day's experience with the VitaMix at a raw food class. After doing a lot of on-line research, I decided to go with the Blendtec. I don't know what it is now, but at the time, the Blendtec had a better warranty and more horsepower (for longevity.) From a usage standpoint, I like just hitting a button once and it runs and shuts off automatically. For me, I've only made smoothies and humus in it, so I've never needed to change from the "smoothie program" which has four different length times. And it still has a fifth option to hit the "P" for pulse and to manually hold it down for as little or long as I want to go. The only other variable was the height of the machine. The VitaMix was taller, and glad that my Blendtec fits underneath my upper cabinet (my upper cabinet has 17.5" clearance from counter to the bottom of the upper cabinet.) But be sure to verify the current models. The VitaMix worked nicely in class and it seems a lot of people are happy with it, I just like the additional advantages to the Blendtec.

The only negative I can say about it is the sound level. It is extremely noisy, and you really need to plug your ears or else you'll do real damage over time. I have to tell everyone in the family when I'm ready to start it up so they have their ears plugged! Nothing is perfect . . .
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